This is the kind of question that everyone who changes operating systems must clarify before actually deciding to change. Switching from Windows to Mac means changing some old work habits, getting used to a new interface, getting to know a new operating system and learning new shortcuts . But it doesn't mean saying goodbye to your Windows apps.

Even with so many people adhering to Apple's operating system, Windows is still the most used, especially in companies. Therefore, it is possible that your company uses an application that is only available for Windows. The good news is that, yes, there are some options that allow you to run it on Mac. Apple itself comes up with a solution for this.

Here are some alternatives to access Windows applications on MAC


Program that allows you to run Windows programs without having to install the Microsoft system. It's a good option if you only need one application or lighter programs.

boot camp

Boot Camp is a built-in utility that comes pre-installed on your Mac. Once the program is executed, fulfilling all the necessary requirements, it is possible to start the Mac using the OS X system (Apple's operating system) or Windows. The problem with this solution is that you have to restart your computer to use Microsoft applications, that is, it is not possible to work with Windows and Mac at the same time.

virtualization s Software

A virtualization software allows you to run another operating system on the Mac, as if it were another application. Because it is more stable than CrossOver and it is not necessary to restart the Mac to use it, it is the best option to run applications from another operating system. is an example of a company that offers this service, centralizing all its applications in a single location. The presented solution allows accessing any application via the cloud .

This is the most complete option because, in addition to enabling remote access , the software is multi-platform , making it possible to use it on any device: tablet, smartphone, PC, Mac.

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