As with other large companies, the transportation sector is also hit by the recession and current economic conditions. Organizations have a great challenge ahead of them, which is to offer more and more benefits to their customers but at reduced costs.

To meet current changes and customer needs, transportation companies, both passenger and freight, need to dynamically expand their capabilities. And one of the ways to achieve this is through the use of technology, which on the one hand offers innovative solutions and on the other hand is expensive and also requires specialized knowledge. It is precisely in these challenges that the adoption of cloud computing becomes a success case .

The transportation industry can take full advantage of cloud computing technology

Cloud solutions provide the capabilities needed to meet the ever-changing demands of companies in the transportation industry. Furthermore, the cloud scales your resources at a low cost and in a quick time.

  • Companies no longer need to commit to purchasing dedicated technology infrastructure that is only fully utilized a few times a year.
  • It is no longer necessary to buy large disk drives to store the huge amount of data generated each year.

But the cost reduction brought by cloud computing is not limited to investments made in the purchase of technology infrastructure. Two important points also stand out for transport companies: specialized technical staff and information security.

The absence of technology specialists is a reality for transport companies, as it is a common characteristic not to have this type of professional on their staff. Any small problem with the operational functioning linked to IT, in many cases, is solved by internal employees with some technical knowledge and in more serious cases the company is forced to hire a qualified professional at a high cost.

As for information security, another critical scenario identified in several Sky.One case the lack of internal control over access to company information. The vulnerability found in the availability of the companies' databases has always placed operations at high levels of risk.

The cloud, when adopted through Sky.One 's solutions, ceases to be a concern and a risk for transport companies' business. Implementation carried out quickly and efficiently makes organizations focus on their business. In addition to these facilities, the company no longer has the costs to invest in servers, improve links and services from professionals specialized in maintenance.

Cloud deployment offers many advantages, but before migrating you should first look at your business strategy and how a cloud-based model can help you achieve your desired results. Sky.One 's specialized technical , which has proven experience and solutions dedicated to cloud migration and management.

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