With the advancement of technology, a new generation of solutions, based on the cloud and oriented to agriculture, has emerged and bringing more and more gains to the performance of production and the quality of life of producers.

In recent decades, improvements in agriculture have predominantly been based on the improvement of chemicals. However, researchers and companies are developing, using information technology, a new generation of solutions for the agricultural sector. Cloud computing is a strong ally in this evolution .

There are several reasons why agriculture is ready for cloud computing

And the first one is that we need to increase production intelligently. Every day that passes increases the demand for food around the world, and the land needed and suitable for planting has not accompanied this growth. A second reason is linked to the use of herbicides, it is necessary, with the use of technology, to optimize or avoid the use of chemical products so that, in this way, we can reduce the impact on the health of the population.

The solution lies in technology, in the development of applications that can, for example:

  1. Improve care in relation to planting. This is related to process automation and development of new practices that bring better results.
  2. Improve production performance in relation to climate change and disease. The integration of the cloud with technologies involving sensors, data management and research to identify the best plant species.
  3. Improve the provision of information to farmers. This involves processing real-time and accurate data so that you can make the best planting decisions.

Today we already have a lot of technology that, together with cloud computing , can face major challenges in the search for the improvement of agriculture. The computational power is now available to create agriculture to support the future.

With cloud computing it is possible to improve the performance of agricultural production

Integration with cloud computing technology ranges from the development of robots with the ability to reduce production costs to the improvement of research and development of data management and processing solutions, machines, planting techniques, even reaching the professional development of farmers.

Cloud computing has opened up a world of opportunities for agriculture , researchers, for example, collect and process data that can aggregate information about plant health, time and temperature, allowing farmers to make better decisions.

In addition to helping in the development of smart agriculture, cloud computing has helped in the entire agricultural process, including sales, suppliers, customers, export, etc. All this at an affordable cost that does not result in a rise in product prices, since the result of technology is increased production.

Cloud computing can do much more for agriculture, keep following us on our blog and through social networks and learn more.

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