Cloud computing is a tool to provide IT-related services in a simplified way, drastically reducing costs associated with maintaining the companies' computational park. The application of this technology, like agribusiness , has driven economic development and made access to innovation viable for different sectors of the economy and people.

For agribusiness there are already applications for cloud computing, ranging from the use of sensors, monitoring tools, data collection and other potential uses of this technology.

Cloud computing in agribusiness

Before we get to the concept and application of agribusiness, it is worth mentioning that cloud computing already offers benefits even in the production process, even before the business is done or the purchase and sale of production.

Within the benefits that cloud computing offers in any line of business, access to information and new technologies is very prominent. By making it easier for companies to adopt cloud computing and its services, by reducing IT investment costs, this means that more and more people and businesses are benefiting. With agriculture it would be no different.

Access to information about different cultures

Information related to different cultures evolves as new research is carried out and improvements are produced. Having access to this information using the cloud allows farmers from different parts of the world to make decisions or make investments according to the compatibility of cultures in their region.

Weather information with cloud computing

By obtaining specific meteorological information in the region, in advance or even having the possibility of prevention regarding climate changes or incidents such as storms, cyclones and temperature variations, it allows farmers to make strategic decisions related to the selection of crops or the best time to the planting.

Information about the soil

Having information about the soil also plays a vital role in decision-making by those who produce it. By receiving data on the nature of the soil, it allows producers to plan for the type of crop, as well as the maintenance necessary to preserve the quality of the soil.

Use of monitoring tool

Monitoring and capturing data regarding harvests will be very useful, for example, to compare with previous data, helping in decision-making.

Consult experts

Cloud computing provides communication solutions that allow consultation and exchange of experiences with specialists from different areas.

Application of cloud computing in agribusiness

Associating the benefits of cloud computing with agriculture and expanding business will undoubtedly boost economic development, not only for those who produce and sell, but also for the country in general. The main benefits are as follows:

Data management and availability

By using solutions for managing and processing data using the cloud, farmers now have access to relevant information, in real time and accessible from anywhere, thus allowing the realization and expansion of business and decision making.

Local and global communication

Similar to what was said earlier, the model adopted by the cloud allows for fast, easy, efficient and low-cost communication, further helping agribusiness.

Information security with cloud computing in agribusiness

By using cloud storage resources in conjunction with protection and high availability tools, it is possible to reduce the concern about loss of information about production and business performance.

Cost reduction and IT technical issues

The maintenance of technology infrastructure becomes the responsibility of cloud computing providers, thus allowing agribusiness to invest in areas considered to be of higher priority.

In general, the deployment of cloud computing helps to strongly boost agribusiness and the country's economy. Despite being recent, this sector's investment in cloud computing has already produced success stories and several solutions applied to the market, generating great results.

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