Currently, the Internet is part of many people's daily lives, so much so that some activities can only be carried out on the computer screen. Technological evolution is such that the concept of cybernetic intelligence, the so-called artificial intelligence, was even built.

AI is nothing more than an intelligence developed by software and technologies, which is capable of finding solutions to many problems in the electronic system. In it, the machines are able to “think” through the data they collect over time, and have stored in their memory, something that is very similar to human intelligence.

It is not known for sure when the concept of artificial intelligence began in history, some bet even remote times, even before the evolution of the computer, this science was already beginning to be studied, around the 40s. of information technology that artificial intelligence began to advance in its research. The study of the human mind also contributes a lot to this evolution.

Currently, we see artificial intelligence applied to various technologies in our daily lives , such as computer games, robots (which we see are increasingly close to human behavior), voice command programs on cell phones and other software software help in factories. , diagnostics and the evolution of computing.

The evolution of artificial intelligence

Over time, artificial intelligence has evolved so much that many even believe that by 2050 AI may already be very similar to human intelligence. And it is not difficult to prove such a theory.

One of the games that most require concentration today on the internet is called GO. Of Chinese origin, GO is a board game that requires strategic thinking, and a lot of intelligence involved. It is basically practiced by Asians, Europeans, North Americans, and here in Brazil by immigrants from Japan, for the most part. And, recently the world champion of this strategic game, which requires a lot of reasoning ability, was defeated by artificial intelligence.

Even with Seedol's human strategic ability, the AlphaGo algorithm managed to beat the champion, and even has chances to win the world championship. Which shows a great evolution of Artificial Intelligence and, who knows, a possible AI of the future that really is equal to human, or even can surpass it in some points.

Artificial intelligence applied in practice

That the evolution of artificial intelligence research can really collaborate for a magnificent technological development in the future, no one doubts, but it is also possible today to take advantage of the fruits that this science has been bringing over time.

As we have already mentioned, artificial intelligence is present in many of the devices and applications that we use throughout the day, and it was through AI that what we call cloud computing was also born. Many already know the concept of cloud storage, but let's explain it quickly, for those who haven't had contact with this concept yet.

Cloud computing is a broad concept that had the collaboration of many researchers to reach its final result, but many bet that one of the main responsible was one of the masters of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy. The concept brings the idea of ​​storing data outside the computer and in the Internet environment where, in a safe way, files and programs can be accessed from various devices, desktops and mobiles, from anywhere, thus facilitating communication between company and employees. and customers.


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