Do you know what happens when a company faces a financial crisis or some kind of difficulty in meeting its expected payments? In practice, what we call a break in the financial cycle , where there is a sequence of other individuals or companies that suffer from this default. And what is the way out for many of these companies that find themselves in a similar situation? It is resorting to the anticipation of receivables .

By guaranteeing the amounts that would be expected for the future in the cash register today, companies are able to make their payments, without breaking this cycle, and also guarantee a series of benefits. After all, prepayment of receivables charges a much lower rate when compared to a conventional loan or other forms of credit .

But as a software solution provider for your customers, have you ever imagined the positive impact that it would generate if you were able to make prepayment of receivables available automatically in a quick and simplified way?

So, see here how this solution can already be applied and made available together with your ERP , for example, functioning as a great differential to avoid customer defaults with your company.

How does the prepayment of receivables process work today?

Before talking directly about how prepayment of receivables can in practice avoid default, we need to know first what is the process used by companies to make this choice today.

In short, the whole process is time consuming with the institutions that make this option available to businesses . It is always necessary to submit a series of documents and invoices whenever the company is interested in simulating or requesting an advance on receivables.

Due to all this bureaucracy, many give up trying this option and end up being in default for longer, even though there are values ​​​​that are already theirs and are just not available at the moment due to the installment sales they made.

In that case, are there no options to shorten this path, making the process automatic or simplified?

Yes there is! And it's her details that we're going to know from now on.



How can the offer of prepayment of receivables prevent default?

Given this scenario, it is clear that the best option to avoid payment delays is to anticipate receivables, as long as it happens simply and quickly, eliminating this series of difficulties in making it available.

If you offer credit in an automatic and simplified way, this default can be reduced.

To be clear, the cycle starts like this :

  • Your client does not have cash to pay all payments;
  • He will prioritize more urgent payments (rent , payroll , energy);
  • And the company will be in default with you;
  • You will be at a loss.

Did you see how the cycle works and how it can affect everyone?

Facilitating access to expected receivables is the best option to avoid defaults, and yes, there is a way to use your management system in this process.

Provide the simplified financial services layer with your management software

As a solution to this problem, you can avoid default by offering a layer of financial services in your management software .

Yes, with this option your customers will already have the opportunity to prepay receivables using the data already available in the management system.

And Sky.One believes that the best transformation starts from the inside out of companies. More specifically within software .

That's why you need to know Sky.Simple . This is a financial transaction platform with high integration capacity, connecting financial institutions to the heart of companies, which are the management systems.

By connecting this end-to-end process, we allow, in a few clicks, financial operations to be carried out in a simplified way with processes that have the necessary characteristics to change the way everyone sees the prepayment of receivables . Among them are:

  • 100% digital;
  • without bureaucracies;
  • transparent;
  • safe;
  • It's simple.

With this solution, your customers will have access to the process of transforming installment sales into cash with the anticipation of receivables, thus avoiding default on the payments you need to receive.

Do you want to better understand how Sky.Simple can work in practice and support your operation in this regard? So, don't waste any more time and check out the details of this new solution that will directly impact your customers with the anticipation of receivables and other benefits in the area of ​​financial management.

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