What if you discovered a technology that makes it possible for companies to expand their IT resources and save money at the same time? Yes, this is possible thanks to migration to the cloud, also known as cloud computing .

Much more than a trend, migrating to the cloud is part of the corporate digital transformation. In addition to reducing costs, this solution – when performed correctly – contributes to data security , process optimization , offers mobility to employees and even makes the business scalable .

In this article, we will cover all the advantages that migrating to the cloud can bring to a business today.

What does cloud migration mean?

Migration to the cloud enables remote use, via the internet, of various computing resources (such as software , apps and others). Thus, a company's programs and applications can be accessed at any time and from any place by authorized persons .

In practice, this reduces the company's expenditure on physical equipment such as computers, servers and air conditioners, also generating savings in relation to the space itself , no longer needing a place for a data center in the company.

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This migration also reduces the time spent deploying software and other programs on desktops, optimizing the teams' work routines. That is, the business no longer uses software as a product but as a service, the SaaS .

Why do businesses migrate to the cloud?

Businesses migrate to the cloud to remain competitive in the market, but other advantages stand out when making this change that is so common today. Cloud computing ensures flexibility, better cost-effectiveness and more:


Today, migration to the cloud offers data encryption for companies, ensuring the security of crucial business information. In addition, protective barriers for firewalls are super advanced, making the cloud one of the safest places in the corporate world.

In addition, platforms such as Auto.Sky , a Sky.One , have a unique authentication layer on the market , also uploading the infrastructure in a secure and automated way to the cloud.

Another point is that businesses now have cybersecurity and privacy management 24×7 by cloud specialists, which further contributes to compliance with good security practices and neutralizing threats.


Once all information is placed within the system, it can be accessed from anywhere and at any time by registered users. The team, even remotely, is able to work more integrated, via the internet, accessing the same documents and updating them in real time.


The cloud adapts to the needs of the company, that is, if it is necessary to acquire more space for just a peak period, it is possible. Thus, the business does not need to expand its capacity to withstand temporary demands, nor does it need to go through slumps that would frustrate its customers.

These features are pay-as-you-go, so the company can predict how much it will spend on IT. This helps the company's financial team, as these expenses are “unpredictable” when the software is local.  

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cost reduction

Perhaps the advantage that most calls the attention of entrepreneurs in relation to the cloud is the cost reduction. Paying only for the resources used makes a big difference in the bills, the elimination of expenses with hardware, new equipment, program licenses, energy, and others also generates great savings.  

High performance 

With the cloud, backups are made more quickly, ensuring high performance for the software. All updates are automatic and do not require employees to wait for them to happen.  

Cloud Migration as a Path to Continuous Business Transformation

What Sky.One specialists indicate to companies is that they use migration to the cloud as a facilitator. 

This means that instead of spending time and resources modernizing systems and creating new codes, business owners can migrate their software to the cloud in a simple and fast way .

Thus, the company will be able to turn all its resources to innovation in the focus of its business. We know that digital transformation is already here and to remain competitive in the market, a company needs to exist as a business in the digital world.  

Furthermore, cybersecurity has been a major concern for companies of all sizes in recent years . And, as we mentioned in this article, the cloud is one of the safest places for your company's data in the corporate environment.

But watch out for this area! Before migrating to cloud computing choose a company with a good track record in the market and that guarantees data encryption. No one wants to go through a kidnapping of information, so analyzing the company that will migrate your data is essential.

Migrating to the cloud can be the first step on the path to continuous business transformation. 

Sky.One 's Director of Innovation and New Business , Leonardo Costanza, comment on technology market trends for 2022 .

technology market trends


Why migrate to the cloud with Auto.Sky ?

Every business has a purpose and Sky.One 's is to transform the way companies consume technology. 

That's why Auto.Sky was developed, so that companies could innovate in the way their systems are used, gaining performance and still reducing their costs.

With Auto.Sky , you can complete your cloud in a few hours. From this transformation, IT spending savings can be up to 70%. And you don't have to worry about anything! Sky.One 's team of experts takes care of everything to make your migration successful.

After that you will have:

  • Anywhere web access to your software;
  • Data security with encryption;
  • Infrastructure flexibility;
  • Economy with the SaaS model;
  • Experienced support team;
  • Multi Cloud ((AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Huawei Cloud).

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