For a long time, Avannt Consultoria used the cloud-based system for its customer base. Now the company that optimizes business management processes has announced that it will migrate this cloud customer base to AWS, which is supported by 's Sky.One . The change brings numerous benefits, including agility that is up to 50% higher than the old platform.

Avannt Consultoria is a very successful company that provides business management software solutions, state-of-the-art mechanisms that strictly follow the trends in the technology market. With these services provided, the company collaborates to make the company's management processes more efficient and definitely bring greater growth. Therefore, the company cannot and should not stay long in a system that ends up not meeting its needs to evolve, which is why this change was necessary.

The differentials

For some time now, Avannt Consultoria has seen the need to change to a system that is more efficient, affordable and performs better. It was with this in mind that the company evaluated the quality of Amazon Web Services, which could perform excellently if combined with 's Sky.One platform.

Using this combination means for Avannt to have a greater availability of services for certain challenges of the company, and also to bring about a price reduction, which is so necessary at a time when the company seeks more productivity and greater cost reduction .

AWS differentiates in its value as well as its power. Amazon Web Services tools include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Relational Database, Autoscaling, and Route 53.

The AWS service also has greater scale, better agility and performance, as well as giving access to the complete solutions that are needed. out for being able to bring a shared environment for SAP Business One access, through the browser.

Efficiency tests

To make it clear that the change would be positive, Avannt Consultoria specialists carried out efficiency tests, in order to find out if the AWS platform would really be more effective and could reflect in a faster service to customers.

The tests were positive and the result yielded a SAP Business One that was 50% more agile and, consequently, more efficient than the cloud system used until this change was made.

Customer migration to the AWS platform was not a big challenge either. In less than two weeks, the first customer in reproduction managed to migrate and after another week all customers managed to integrate the system , because the SAP Business One system is a facilitator when we talk about this migration.

With this change, Avannt, which is a world leader in the business software applications segment, intends to continue doing its work as it has always done: with excellence and state-of-the-art technology to also bring success to the entrepreneurs who choose it for their software management.

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