It is undeniable the fact that the cloud computing market is getting more and more competitive. This is happening precisely because of cloud adoption rates, which rise every year. And technology companies, both small and large, know this very well, and want to do everything to capture more customers and gain a significant share of the great cloud computing market.

And even acting alongside several competitors, AWS (Amazon Web Services) positioned itself ahead of all of them and dominated the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) markets in the third quarter (Q3) of 2016. This is what a survey carried out by Synergy Research shows. Next, we will talk about the numbers shown by her and also about the future plans of AWS. Check out:

The numbers shown in the search

According to the Synergy Research study , Amazon Web Services still has a 45% share of the worldwide public IaaS market. Furthermore, it remains twice as large as its top three competitors in the IaaS market combined. And although competition in the PaaS market is tighter than in the IaaS market, AWS still has a big advantage over its top three competitors.

Recently, Amazon also released the financial results of AWS for the third quarter of 2016. According to it, the net sales of its business unit increased by 9.9%, generating revenue of US$ 3.2 billion until the 30th of September (end of third semester). Its quarterly operating profit reached US$ 861 million, a value well above the registered in the same period of 2015, of US$ 521 million.

The reasons why AWS stood out

In this third quarter, Amazon Web Services continued to invest financial resources in its infrastructure, opening new data centers and announcing the opening of geographic regions, which should take place in the coming months. All this to offer the best possible service to the companies that use its services. These are the main reasons why it has conquered more customers and stood out in the IaaS and PaaS markets.

After the release of the results, the CFO of Amazon, Brian Olsavsky, spoke to reporters and told them that AWS's growth was due to the company's great ability to retain its customers and attract new ones. According to him, companies are choosing AWS because of its skill set, its ecosystem and its value package, which includes price reductions and expansion to other regions of the planet.

The company's plans for the future

According to Olsavsky, AWS will continue to react to customer needs and open up new regions. After recently opening a region in Ohio, USA, the company now plans to open nine more Availability Zones in four regions (UK, France, Canada and a second region in China). Today, it has a total of 38 Availability Zones in 14 geographic regions spread across the world.

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