If you look up the term “scalability” in the dictionary, you probably won't find it. This word is an adaptation of the English language, which designates the expansion capacity of a system without loss of performance.  

And because it is widely used in technical areas of the information technology sector, it has become a neologism in Portuguese. In recent years, this term has certainly been present in your search results, being directly related to the benefits of the cloud.

In this text we will explain better what scalability , in addition to showing how it makes the cloud even more attractive for companies . Stay with us and see how this benefit can leverage your business!

What is scalability?

Theoretically, we can define scalability as the characteristic of a system that indicates its ability to handle a growing portion of work uniformly, that is, the capacity of the infrastructure to meet a growing demand for use.

Theoretically, we can define scalability as the characteristic of a system that indicates its ability to handle a growing portion of work uniformly , that is, the capacity of the infrastructure to meet a growing demand for use.

But, how to suppress it? 

Simply optimizing infrastructure resources in order to obtain the maximum performance from the machines. Any company, regardless of its size, should be concerned with this issue.

Have you thought about the possibility that your company is not efficient and quick to deal with growth? This results in the loss of great business opportunities due to the changed conditions.  

So when building your IT infrastructure, think of scalability not as an add-on, but as a necessity . Having virtualized systems and working with cloud models will certainly meet your company's growing need for storage, making it gain competitive advantages.

As the cloud intends to make everything easier to use, there is still the possibility of using auto scaling . This is a feature that makes it possible for the size of your cloud services to increase or decrease automatically based on predefined situations.

Finally, we need to go through the two forms of scalability, namely:

  • vertical scalability , in which you have a component with more space or faster to handle a higher load; It is
  • horizontal scaling , which consists of adding more functional components to distribute the processing load.

But why is scalability one of the top benefits of the cloud for businesses?

For Mike Small, a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), scalability is the biggest benefit of cloud computing . According to him, companies manage to reduce costs, in addition to having access to the latest technologies.

But for your data to be successfully migrated to the cloud, it is necessary to establish a good level of governance, mainly to prevent security breaches and manage identities and access.

The main concern, and what often drives IT organizations to adopt monitoring initiatives, are the stringent legal or contractual requirements related to data storage and security. And along with the virtualized model, security must always come in order to guarantee the security of important information.

Learn more about data security and GDPR by listening to episode #5 of Sky.Cast, the Sky.One podcast!

Data security and GDPR

Thus, if you have a professional cloud service that helps you enjoy the resource with all the necessary security, you will have the following advantages:

An optimized way to manage IT

Previously, IT infrastructure management featured centralized, physical control of computing facilities. But with the emergence of the cloud, IT begins to undergo changes in order to meet the growing demand of the corporate market.  

The management of this scalable structure also faces challenges in redefining a model for its monitoring in a hybrid environment, both in the traditional IT part and in the virtualized and cloud part.

The larger the expansion, the smaller the resources

With climate change occurring on the planet, environmentalists talk a lot about conscious consumption of natural resources. In the field of technology, the intelligent use of the IT structure is one of the main focuses.  

Today, scalability provides the concept of virtual, not physical elastic growth of the Data Center. With this, the company can increase its capacity and performance without suffering from downtime or expensive upgrades, in addition to taking advantage of space savings, equipment consolidation and reduced consumption of energy resources.

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Other benefits of cloud scalability

Being one of the highlights of the cloud, scalability is a key point for the success of this feature. The possibilities that your business finds in the cloud go beyond management and savings, which in themselves are essential.

Here are two more benefits in this regard:

Flexibility to handle spikes in demand

At work, we will hardly have a constant demand all the time, especially if you are involved in commerce. Scalability allows its capacity to change to meet momentary needs, such as, for example, increasing cloud space on commemorative dates and holidays.

Improved system performance

There is also a gain in the performance of your systems, which may have more capacity and faster processing. Whether you're splitting your workload across multiple virtual machines (horizontal) or enhancing a single one (vertical), your applications will perform better with scalability.

Meet Auto.Sky

Scalability can be a great ally for your company, but you need to know when and how it should be done. For this – as well as for the general use of the cloud – having a partner company is the best way to guarantee maximum productivity.

With Auto.Sky you can enjoy the best of the cloud, from migrating your resources to managing them in the cloud. With our service, you will have:

  • scalability to meet your demands;
  • availability to access your resources anywhere and anytime;
  • reduced hardware, software and IT personnel costs;
  • automatic updating and maintenance
  • cybersecurity with the best cloud protection measures;
  • cost predictability ; It is
  • Multi-cloud , being able to combine the best available services.

Auto.Sky has 3 different services:

  1. Auto.Sky Platform : to migrate applications and data, with fast and transparent scalability and pay per user.
  2. Auto.Sky Services : which improves the costs of those already in the cloud, with support and management of environments and migration of workloads.
  3. Auto.Sky Business One : to transfer your SAP B1 to the cloud, with added Addons.

To learn more about scalability, the cloud or our solutions, how about talking to one of our experts ?

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