With the numerous solutions and tools that technology provides, many tasks and processes of companies have undergone changes, bringing many benefits to management and employees. The biggest one is productivity, which provides more time to focus on other issues, in addition to increasing the organization's profits.

The available tools serve a wide range of purposes, such as remote data storage, task automation, management and planning programs, as well as Artificial Intelligence.

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technology and productivity

When used properly, technology has the power to increase production quality, team communication and simplify company processes. With this, there is not only a gain in productivity, but also in the quality of services, employee engagement, improvement in management and in the satisfaction of the end customer.

Now check out some aspects in which technology can positively influence.


Having software that facilitates access to relevant data provides greater autonomy and agility for employees, as it is possible to find information from anywhere and at any time. As a result, productivity tends to increase considerably, and workers have more time to perform tasks with quality.

Better process management

Managing all company processes through platforms that map activities provides a broader view of the organization. Thus, it is easier to detect production bottlenecks and prevent some errors.


Automating processes does not mean that the roles played by people are no longer necessary. On the contrary, it means managing employees' time better, so that they produce even more and better.

Technologies that increase productivity

There are several types of software and technological tools that can help your company to have more productivity and quality in the processes. Check out some examples and their functions.

planning software

A company with good management and planning reduces risks and delays in deliveries. Having planning software provides:

  • The organization of activities and maintenance schedules;
  • The record of the responsibilities of each employee;
  • Scheduling meetings and other important dates;
  • Sending reminders.

All of these factors help  meet deadlines and increase efficiency and productivity in carrying out tasks. When all workers have access to information about the progress of processes, management becomes much more efficient.

cloud documents

Having the company's main documents available in a cloud storage allows access from anywhere, without the need for a computer or other specific program. Also, this technology facilitates the editing and sharing of these files, improving the transmission of information.

information management software

Information management software keeps the company's data more securely, which avoids rework and allows employees to focus on other more strategic and important tasks for the organization. This is a good way to improve productivity at work.

Specific software

Currently, it is possible to find specific tools for the most diverse sectors and departments. With this, the chances of errors and rework are reduced, facilitating the execution of activities and increasing the productivity of the entire team.

Areas such as freight logistics , for example, can increase productivity and ease of planning through software that chooses the best carriers for each demand and, thus, increases the effectiveness of the delivery process and freight management as one all. In addition, there are programs that confirm deliveries with geolocation and monitor the entire process from ordering, in real time.

As you've seen, the use of technological tools, combined with the cloud, gives teams more time so they can focus on more relevant activities for the company. In this way, productivity and quality are positively affected, bringing even better results to your organization.

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