Enterprise organizations are more conducive to cloud technology and its implementation. That's what the annual survey done by RightScale, considered the largest study of the segment in the world, says. 1,060 technology professionals working in large and small companies were interviewed. See what were the main points of the study.

According to Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale, "The survey showed a significant inflection point in the cloud adoption match we see among our enterprise customers." He also noted that security concerns have eased, while cloud cost management challenges are increasing.

Security is no longer the biggest challenge

Previously, companies saw security as the biggest challenge when using the cloud. Currently, the topic of greatest fear is lack of resources/expertise. This factor is cited by 32% of respondents against 29% who cited security as their main challenge. Followed by rising costs, a challenge pointed out by 26% of respondents. In 2014, the increase in costs was pointed out by 18% of the survey participants.

Cloud cost management offers a significant opportunity for companies to save, as few organizations are taking critical actions to optimize cloud costs. There is a lack of actions such as reducing the contracted volume when there is no use or when it is conditioned to lower cost regions.

Amazon still leads

Web Services (AWS) continues to lead cloud adoption . Overall, AWS is used by 57% of companies. In second place is Azure IaaS, whose share increased from 12% in 2014 to 17%.

The methodology applied in the research

RightScale conducted its annual Cloud Survey study in January 2016. The survey surveyed technical professionals across a broad cross-section of organizations on the adoption and implementation of cloud computing. Among the 1,060 interviewees are technicians, managers and professionals representing organizations of different sizes in many organizations. The answers provide a global perspective on the state of the cloud today. The margin of error is 3.07%.

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