In recent times, questions such as “can a company go digital without using cloud computing?” and “can organizations that embrace the cloud move more quickly to the digital universe?” have been recurrent in technology events. That's because most companies are working hard to reach 'digital nirvana' and get the benefits of entering the world of digital business .

This promises to break existing business models – even those that were born and continue to operate on the internet – and inaugurate a new era, which integrates people, companies and 'things'. In this post, we will show why entering the world of digital business is so important and we will reveal if a company can be digital without using cloud computing, or move quickly to the digital universe with it. Be sure to check:

Why is digital business so relevant to business?

According to a survey carried out by the consultancy Gartner, at least 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020 . And with more people and organizations communicating and interacting all the time, a new world will emerge: the digital business . This refers to the creation of new business models, very different from those in the physical and digital world known today.

What makes digital business different from physical and digital business is that it includes devices, which connect with people and companies. As an example, we can cite a device that will be adopted in retail. When a consumer enters a clothing store and wants to try on a coat, a system will project his image on a screen already wearing the garment, without him having to go and wear it in a fitting room.

The fact is that digital business will generate many benefits for companies and create enormous opportunities for those managers who manage to enter its world. And as in 2020 the other two worlds will become obsolete, the adoption of efficient and innovative technologies – such as the cloud – to make your company digital and sell in the new era that is coming is on the list of priorities of many entrepreneurs.

Can the cloud pave the way for digital business ?

A company cannot be digital without the cloud . It paves the way for those businesses that want to go digital, thanks to its ability to grant immediate access to the latest solutions, systems and approaches launched on the market. The cloud also offers managers the ideal environment to create more innovative products and services and develop more assertive business strategies that lead their business into the digital age.

Therefore, the adoption of cloud computing is considered essential for companies to become digital. However, it is not the only technology that should be used by managers to achieve their goals. The journey to the digital world can take years, and involves the adoption of mobility, the use of social media, the exploration of the IoT (Internet of Things), among many others, with the cloud being a vital component.

What are companies doing to achieve 'digital nirvana'?

According to a survey by Saugatuck Technology , which interviewed 203 companies, about 60% of them are already making digital products or services available to their customers. It should be noted that Saugatuck defines a digital company only as those businesses that create value for their audience through interactive experiences and innovative business strategies. According to her, companies are still learning how to go digital.

The survey also found that only 29% of companies have their IT infrastructure and applications hosted in the cloud. But this number is expected to increase to 63% in the coming years. Managers' ability to effectively deploy cloud computing will also define the speed at which their businesses move into the digital business , and vendors will be able to help them in this endeavor.

According to specialists in the technology sector, the big bang that will give rise to the world of digital business will only start when all companies start to consider the cloud not just as a trend, but as a necessity for their survival in the market. The new era is likely to start in 2020, as more and more developers, managers and IT leaders are driving its adoption around the world.

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