Cloud automation is one of the most notable features in the enterprise. Do you know what your biggest advantages are? It is possible to mention the possibility of mobility among your team, effective productivity and, above all, the security in the custody of documents, files and important data.

However, despite all this advanced technology such as cloud computing and all the digital and virtual resources that facilitate complex activities in organizations, mistakes made by people remain one of the greatest dangers to their security. And how to solve it?

According to a study conducted by IBM, 95% of security attacks in 2014 were involved by human error. And this data found that these flaws go beyond the simple false email that is opened by the employee or having their devices lost.

Currently, any task that the employee performs manually in its infrastructure is a risk to the company's security. An example to be mentioned is that 12% refer to the vulnerability in which the system is exposed due to the employee not updating the software or files. An oversight of this magnitude can be a great loss.

It is for this reason that automation is fundamental so that it can be done without intervention and dependence on man. Like, for example, the possibility of automatically updating a file or blocking a possible attempt to invade the data .

And so that this can be effective, here you will discover 3 tools to eliminate human errors using cloud automation in your company.

Certainly, the use of Cloud computing has generated incredible results for the corporate environment due to the advantages it offers, such as: greater data security, the possibility of performing work remotely, portability and guarantees better cost-effectiveness. Therefore, it is the effective solution to streamline processes and also reduce costs. Check out these 3 tools that will make a difference in your company below!

How Cloud Automation Can Eliminate Gaps

The main goal of cloud automation is to create a perfect template for your build-out environment . It offers an incredible opportunity to improve your company's security using simple and effective tools to facilitate infrastructure automation and increase the number of processes that can be automated.

For all this, we will highlight below 3 tools that you can adopt to eliminate possible human failures:

1. AWS Cloud Formation

It simplifies and creates customized management models from the Amazon Web taking into account the business need, one of the best equipped resources today. Based on these configurations, data are preserved and autonomous procedures are adopted.

At Sky in One, you can count on this tool, as we partner with AWS. Learn more about our resources by accessing the Guru.Sky service.

2. AWS CodeDeploy

This tool is indispensable because it allows you to automate code deployments in any instance, making it easier to obtain new features without complications, thus eliminating manual processes susceptible to errors. In addition, scalability is according to the infrastructure, being able to deploy both in one instance and in thousands!

Read our blog post about Scalability and its importance as well as the Benefits for Cloud Computing.

3. Puppet

With the use of Puppet, automation ensures that vulnerabilities continue to be fixed (such as the SSL case) always receiving the latest versions. Furthermore, it ensures that each instance from a “master” can receive automatic updates in real time.

Of course, there are other tools that provide more security so that human errors are increasingly avoided. Read our post Understand how AWS security features work, which we mention Firewall and APIs.

As seen, cloud automation is extremely necessary in the company so that human failures decrease as technology evolves, which should go hand in hand. But, even with so many resources, this is still a problem and the more your company uses tools that curb these flaws, the safer it will be and the success it will achieve.

If your company wants to keep data secure and activities increasingly agile as well as automated processes, in touch with Sky.One , we are a strategic partner of AWS for cloud solutions.

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