For a company to remain continuously operating in the market, its numerous processes need to be carried out correctly, without any failures that result in wasted time and financial resources. Today, this is one of the biggest concerns of managers, especially those who coordinate industries that have uninterrupted production areas, such as telecommunications and consumer goods.

Because they are immersed in an extremely challenging economic environment, they also need to find ways to reduce costs and risks, while innovating, increasing their responsiveness and improving customer service. One of the technologies that can help them overcome these challenges is the cloud. Next, learn how cloud computing is revolutionizing the way industries around the world operate. Look:

The cloud's innovative way to overcome challenges

Today, all industries face daily challenges that, with the adoption of the cloud , can be much simpler to overcome. When a machine belonging to a car factory fails, for example, a long time is spent for it to function normally again. First, the employee will try to identify the problem, gathering basic information to inform the possible reasons for the failure to the professionals in charge of maintenance.

From there, the machine is turned off and the repair order is placed. After days, weeks or even months, it finally gets fixed. In the current competitive market, just one second is enough for the factory to suffer from the negative impacts caused by the time it was not working, such as the stoppage of the manufacturing processes, the reduction in revenue and the loss of competitive advantages.

But if this same factory invested in a cloud-hosted management platform, which in turn would be using the power of IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data capacity, the machine itself would send a message to the professionals in charge of maintenance informing that it would be in trouble, and they would receive it on their mobile devices no matter what time or place they were.

That way, your efforts would be focused on the machine, so repairs could be done quickly. With this, the downtime of the equipment would be drastically reduced and the factory processes would not be interrupted. This is exactly one of the purposes of the cloud: to guarantee the necessary agility for the industries and still allow them to save time and, mainly, financial resources.

Other cloud benefits for industries

Nowadays, industries need the cloud to generate competitive advantages that help them face market difficulties, such as reduced profitability margins and low customer confidence. Only with this technology can they quickly respond to trends and improve the flexibility of business processes. Below, we list other benefits that the cloud can generate for these companies:

  • Eliminates costs with own IT infrastructure;
  • Reduces operating expenses;
  • Increases business profitability;
  • Allows centralized and efficient monitoring through mobile platforms;
  • Facilitates compliance with stricter regulations;
  • Speeds up the detection and correction of failures in processes;
  • Improves customer satisfaction;
  • Allows managers to pay greater attention to the most important activities;
  • Enables the company to be more sustainable.
  • Some of the sectors that are already benefiting

Bank officer

As this sector has grown a lot in recent years, companies are using the cloud to meet the requirements of both customers and the market itself. Technology is also eliminating the need for financial institutions to have a customer database in each country, thus increasing their revenue.


The vast majority of medium and large-sized hotels have already adhered to technology to get closer and closer to their guests. All of their systems are hosted in the cloud, which is eliminating the need for them to maintain their own infrastructure and concentrate everything on a single platform.

Consumer goods

Many of the managers of consumer goods industries use these solutions to have a wide visibility of the company's inventory and the supply and demand of its products. Specific applications for this sector hosted in the cloud provide an insightful overview of all demands and production progress.

See how cloud computing is benefiting industries? What other benefits do you think this technology generates for these companies? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

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