In today's dynamic business environment, most companies are looking to develop a supply and transport chain that can handle the high demand from customers and the conditions imposed by the market. Information technology has increasingly become part of this context, so it is natural that the innovation created by cloud computing generates great interest.

Cloud computing has a wide and powerful set of resources with the potential to reformulate the technological infrastructure used by companies and also generate cost reductions that benefit different processes within the organization, such as the transport industry.

Cloud computing making a direct impact

When evaluating the transformative power of cloud computing, business executives face important business challenges. Specifically, the various market changes that the cloud drives in various industries following a natural transformation path:

New competitors: Cloud computing allows startups to establish themselves in a short period of time without significant investment in technology infrastructure, expanding the current competitive landscape.

Market openness for new products and services: The pace of introduction of new revenue-generating products and services has increased pressure on supply chains in recent years. Cloud computing accelerates this pace even further.

Large-scale transformation: competition and the reduction of the lifecycle of products and services lead traditional companies to reinvent themselves, adopting cloud-based solutions for the logistics and transport chain to increase competitiveness. As a result, delivery becomes more dynamic, scalable and able to support companies' strategic changes.

Cloud computing is also dealing with risks

The adoption of cloud computing also addresses concerns and risks that executives take into account when formulating their strategies. That includes:

Collaboration and partnership: Few companies control, own or operate the entire end-to-end supply chain. The use of cloud technology allows involving multiple partners and collaborations with the use of dynamic and fast management and communication solutions, expanding the cooperation environment between the participating organizations.

Competitive core: High-performing companies use the cloud for sophisticated logistics management and effective transportation to differentiate themselves in the market and gain competitive advantage. So they must establish reusable solutions and processes, tailored to their business, delivering what they need.

Security: Organizations have an absolute need to protect their products and customers. Lost data can lead to loss of intellectual property and, most importantly, loss of business. Therefore, security is a primary concern and largely guaranteed by cloud computing solutions.

A natural path with no return

The current scenario already shows that in several sectors migration to the cloud is a reality. In areas involving supplies, transport and logistics, it is no different. In retail , for example, the dynamics of these areas are already directed towards software solutions in the cloud.

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