Information management, operational efficiency and business integration are goals pursued by different types of market segments. When it comes to agribusiness , achieving these goals is critical, not only because of the business aspect, but because of the importance that this segment has for the country's economy and for the population.

It is always important to highlight that agribusiness rarely operates from a single location, let alone a traditional office building. In addition to large tracts of land, which are used for production, there is a productive and business chain that needs to function efficiently in order to achieve the expected success.

Highlighting these points that are part of agribusiness is showing that the responsibility of cloud computing , when implemented in this area, goes far beyond the idea of ​​cost reduction, which is part of the characteristics of this technology. There is a great challenge that needs to be overcome and there are positive results that need to be achieved.

Quality is fundamental for a company that deals with agribusiness

In one of case 's successful Sky.One , the Guarujá group operates in the two fundamental areas of the food industry: agriculture and livestock. And as mentioned before, the importance of a business like this goes beyond the pursuit of profits as a company. There is also economic and social responsibility.

Given the relevance of agribusiness and the production process that is integrated into it, quality is fundamental to achieving the socioeconomic benefits of this area and the high revenue generated each year.

The challenge encountered by the Guarujá group included difficulties in managing the planting, harvesting and production of meat, business management, integration with suppliers and distribution of its production, as well as the expansion of business in other areas.

In the search for quality, the need for use and investments in technology are part of the group's reality, which had its own technological infrastructure. However, at a certain point, given the large volume of business, this apparatus became a limiter for the maintenance, security and growth of the company.

A partner for growth

The Guarujá group needed to manage an increasing volume of information and also had the need to improve its operational efficiency. In this sense, cloud computing emerged as the solution that fit exactly the complexity of their businesses and products. One of the key points was the efficient management of the entire production chain.

Sky.One , as a strategic partner of AWS, participates in the project by providing the cloud computing structure and all the support for the implementation of the B1Agri business software , a solution made up of modules that controls agricultural and livestock management and implements planning and costing, confinement, planting, harvesting, in addition to assisting in administrative control.

Despite the difficulties encountered due to Internet connection limitations in the region, the challenges were overcome and the partnership between the Guarujá group and Sky.One was highly successful .

Growing in the right direction

Reap the benefits of cloud computing was a matter of time. In addition to meeting all of the Guarujá group's business objectives, it was possible to obtain a considerable cost reduction. The safety factor became part of the company's business strategy and the group once again directed its efforts towards the growth and development of agribusiness.

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