Industrial automation constantly seeks to improve the performance, quality and productivity of manufacturing systems and their processes. However, the improvements achieved to date have required the use of a large amount of data in real time. This need is going beyond the capacity of the existing computing infrastructure. For many companies, investments made in IT almost make the business unfeasible.

The use of cloud computing has changed this picture. Through a transformative approach that provides more than the conventional data center model, it has fundamentally changed the way massive amounts of data can be stored and processed for interaction. With the use of services offered on demand at the infrastructure, platform and software levels, the cloud has the ability to offer innovative productivity and data processing solutions.

It's not enough just to migrate to the cloud

In the industrial automation sector, the search for cloud computing is due to the high cost of maintaining the existing computational park in its own datacenter, a structure that generates high expenses and makes business difficult.

But following the technological trend, in which the solution is migration to the cloud, and looking only for cost reduction, may not be enough for a complete case story.

The big challenge is realizing that just migrating to the cloud is not enough to reach the planned goal. After the migration, several structural problems can occur that jeopardize the entire progress of the project. At this time, it is clear that the choice of cloud computing service provider is also an important factor in achieving the goals set.

The vendor is a critical factor for any cloud computing project. When migrating to the cloud architecture, it is expected that there will not only be cost reductions but also an adequate administration and maintenance of the service, since the responsibility for the structure is in charge of the cloud provider.

As with IoT and Big Data , cloud providers also deal with technology issues. Your job is to weigh the benefits and risks of having your critical data available and secure when managed by another team somewhere else.

In the industrial world, where terms like “real-time” and “mission critical” are used, this definition may apply differently than in the IT group. As such, the optimal level of how the cloud can function can vary dramatically. Caution is needed.

Opportunities through the right partnership

It is necessary to look for cloud computing providers in the market that can give continuity to the projects, safely and without compromising what has already been invested, after all, it is not possible to take a step back.

Like the many companies served by Sky.One , it is possible to migrate to the new cloud and have access to all the experience acquired in various projects and solutions for the correct management of cloud computing.

For successful projects, costs need to continue to be reduced, and the safety factor is crucial for success. Experience shows that it is not enough just to migrate to the cloud, you need a reliable supplier, as is the case with Sky.One , an AWS partner, which guarantees projects with great reliability.

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