Cloud computing in construction is a technology that is here to stay. Because it is very competitive and strongly connected with other sectors, this industry needs the digital revolution promoted by cloud computing.

After all, technology has great potential to meet the needs of this sector — offering greater operational efficiency, more strategic results and market differentials.

Continue reading this content to discover the importance of cloud computing in civil construction and optimize the results of your projects at once!

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Cloud computing on the construction site

Efficiency and cost savings are the main benefits of cloud computing.

By connecting this state-of-the-art technology to sectors related to civil construction, its advantages end up being reflected in the development of a highly efficient and modern digital and technological business.

After all, the benefits of cloud computing begin with internal processes.

In this industry, it is common to have employees scattered across different construction sites, out of reach of a traditional office IT infrastructure. Thus, mobile applications and the cloud are partners in optimizing processes and communication.

cloud-integrated software solutions aid industry productivity .

For example, by integrating project management directly into the construction site, there is a reduction in the number of visits to offices for project planning and reporting.

However, the transformations possible with cloud computing in civil construction do not stop there! 

Cloud computing trends in civil construction

The digital world and its technologies are constantly developing. In Brazil alone, 45.7% of companies are implementing digital transformation strategies, according to MIT Technology Review Brasil.

Among the expectations related to cloud computing in civil construction, it is expected that this technology connects the partners involved globally , offering information more quickly and allowing partnerships around the world.

Anyway, the tendency is for the sector to continue to relate to industry 4.0 — the main reason that helped civil construction achieve the 4% growth of its GDP .

Why invest in cloud computing in civil construction?

Imagine that a certain problem happens at the construction site, however, the solution is stored in your office.

Without cloud computing, it would be necessary to travel to the company to collect this information from the local server . With cloud computing in civil construction, it is possible to access the solution remotely from any device connected to the internet.

After all, this technology stores all your data online — access to which can be restricted, giving greater security to the personal information of customers and the company.

This remote and practical accessibility optimizes a series of processes, especially the more bureaucratic ones, also accelerating the progress of the work .

Other benefits of cloud computing in civil construction are:

  • Reduces the risk of data loss;
  • Can easily adjust to the continuous level of growth of civil construction companies;
  • Allows simultaneous access and updating of data by more than one person;
  • Decreases costs with physical storage space;
  • Data security: by having features such as automatic backup and data encryption, greater protection of business data is also guaranteed. 

Cloud benefits add value to all construction industries

By implementing cloud computing in your company, sectors related to the civil construction area also benefit from this technology. 

For example, in departments responsible for purchasing and accounts payable, it becomes possible to manage purchase orders and payment of suppliers through integrated and digitally connected management solutions.

In addition, support, business and administration teams now have reliable and up-to-date information in real time on all works at different locations.

Not to mention that the implementation of this technology makes it possible to solve problems in less time and make strategic decisions according to the reality of each project.

Provide a new experience to the end customer with cloud computing

In addition to the internal benefits for companies linked to civil construction, the end customer is also impacted by integration with the cloud.

In a cascading effect, the improvement in management, internal processes, relationships with suppliers and other sectors, reflects in works with better results , with less development time and reduced costs .

As civil construction is a sector that suffers greatly from fluctuations in the economy, applying state-of-the-art technology is one of the best ways to ensure that the result is focused on customer expectations.

The main challenge in this sector is to expand and implement its own transformation, driving new businesses. 

However, cloud computing in civil construction directly collaborates with the development of a new perspective on this industry and its operations.

Get to know Auto.Sky

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Sky.One 's cloud system offers:

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And many other benefits and features that will help your company to develop and stand out in the civil construction sector!

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