Migration to the cloud has been a valuable resource for the productivity of companies. However, is cloud computing consulting the only way to a solution ?

According to an IBM survey , last year, 51% of managers would be interested in migrating to the cloud to maximize the availability of their services, 38% want to reduce the downtime of their services and 34% are looking to reduce costs.

However, the process of migrating to the cloud requires planning that takes into account technical, logistical, financial and legal issues. 

Thus, given the structural change that these processes can cause, it is not uncommon for businesses to investigate the possibility of hiring a cloud computing consultancy. 

On the other hand, cloud computing consulting may not be the most interesting option when deciding to migrate your business to the cloud. Keep reading to find out more!

What does a cloud computing consultancy do?

Cloud computing is a set of resources on a virtual platform that can be shared by electronic devices connected to the Internet, where it is possible to distribute software, information and data.

This is a technology that works online and uses platform, storage space or processing power for the files, with all the backup done automatically. In addition, it does not take up space on devices (computers, smartphones) and reduces the risk of cyber attacks.  

Cloud computing consulting consists of a specialized service for companies that use tools and data in the cloud . This function must be performed by a trained professional, a consultant who will identify the best computing platform for your business model and guide ways of use and application, streamlining the implementation process.

In an accounting office, for example, one of the management software widely used by companies is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which can be adapted by consulting in cloud computing to the needs of the company's processes and also associated with other sectors, such as HR management, payroll or other administrative activities related to accounting management.

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Migrate to the cloud: Auto.Sky X cloud computing consultancy

Cloud computing consulting is indeed one of the paths that can take your business to the cloud. However, he is not the only one. In addition, it is not always the most advantageous.  

Find out below what are the differences between migrating to the cloud through a platform like Auto.Sky and a cloud consultancy. 

1) Implementation time

It usually takes between 1 and 2 months between carrying out the cloud computing consultancy and actually migrating to the cloud.

This is because it will be necessary to resort to the consultant for a moment of prior planning in which activities such as: requirements gathering, equipment sizing, construction of a migration plan, etc. will be carried out. 

On the other hand, when opting for platforms such as Auto.Sky , the migration of your ERP to the cloud can take up to 24 hours , being carried out by a team specialized in ERP, which will be dedicated to your business 24×7 for any need of Support.

See here how Sky.One migrated to the Reclame Aqui cloud in just 24 hours

2) Cybersecurity 

In terms of cybersecurity, one of the main bottlenecks when hiring a cloud computing consultancy is the lack of visibility of what is being done, making it necessary for your internal IT team to audit this process and monitor it on an ongoing basis.

Auto.Sky platform has a unique authentication layer on the market . In addition, it securely and automatically uploads the infrastructure to the cloud, also offering immediate availability of capacity.

Sky.One 's team of specialists , as well as the tools and processes that manage cybersecurity and privacy 24×7 , always aiming to guarantee the best practices in the market.

3) Continuous and automated monitoring and improvement 

If, on the one hand, it is necessary to request the assistance of a consultant whenever adjustments and improvements are necessary in the cloud, on the other hand, with Auto.Sky , the adjustment to the business demand is made automatically, that is, there is a smart fit.

4) Cost predictability 

The amount charged for consulting and infrastructure depends on variable factors such as the number of users and the size of the machinery, which will directly impact the total cost of the project. 

With Auto.Sky , your business gains cost predictability , since the amount charged per employee is already pre-defined.

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It is a platform developed to take software to the cloud with optimization of operating costs, allowing the management of software environments directly in the cloud, with complete infrastructure, with migration done in an agile way and that aims to guarantee the highest performance for your business ERP.

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