Cloud Computing is an expression often used to define the new computing format present in the market, that is, the possibility of using, anywhere and regardless of the type of platform, the most varied types of programs and applications through the Internet, with the same ease of having them installed on the computer.

Cloud computing solutions came to offer convenience to their users, in addition to the practicality and independence of using a costly system that would take up a lot of space and ask a lot of cost for companies.

Through cloud solutions, the user has the possibility to access personal files anytime, anywhere in the world and through any device that has internet access, such as cell phones, notebooks and tablets. With all this, now it is no longer necessary to archive photos, music, folders, documents, among others, as all these files are saved in the cloud.

Furthermore, with the cloud, programs, applications, files and other related data no longer need to be installed or even stored on the computer. All this content becomes available in the clouds, that is, on the internet.

Storage of Personal Documents in Cloud Computing

Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei Holding AG or OeSD, is an Austrian company with more than 200 years that develops and produces high security identification documents such as: passports with chips and biometric features, identity cards, driver's licenses, electronic vehicle registration cards , and offers identity management solutions.

In addition, the OeSD works together with Public Authorities and also Private Institutions in the realization, development, implementation and administration of identity and data management systems and IT security and biometrics.

Lately, the company has been working on the development of an application for smartphones that will gather and handle, in a secure way, all personal data, thus replacing physical documents at once. This software will concentrate all types of identity and, according to the OeSD, it will be ready to go into operation next year.

The software is called My Identity App, and requires two devices to run it – one for the user and the other for identity verification, similar to the central registry of citizen data.

It is noteworthy that no personal data will be stored on the smartphone, but hosted in a public cloud, and will only be accessed when necessary. Users can also choose the type of information the other person can access. According to the OeSD, the continents most likely to make the switch in the short term are Africa, Asia and Europe.

Security and Cloud Computing

It is a fact that for each new emerging technology, the number of new threats and challenges also grows, especially when it comes to cloud storage. As already mentioned, cloud computing or cloud computing has as its main characteristic the hosting of applications and resources that will exempt the installation of programs, equipment purchases or even obtaining resources for data storage. Everything will be in charge of the “Data Center” provider of the customer service.

Undoubtedly, this new technology brings great benefits in relation to the economy with the installation of devices, programs, training, among others. However, cloud storage brings a level of risks, which are linked to outsourcing services. Thus requiring special attention to information security principles.

That is why having a service that guarantees this security in cloud computing is never too much. There is a variety of service attack protection services and specific access control measures adapted to cloud computing.

In terms of security, some principles were developed especially for this type of storage.

  • Privileged user access: User access control and who will have the privilege to administer the information.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Companies providing cloud computing services are responsible for data security, integrity, and confidentiality.
  • Data recovery: The cloud computing provider must know where the company's data is and what to do for data recovery in the event of a catastrophe

In addition to these, cloud computing security service companies also offer other benefits so that your information can be as safe as possible from threats.

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