The usefulness of cloud computing for government agencies is already a reality in different parts of the world. Applied to different areas of the public sector, cloud computing has allowed great advances for different organizations that seek innovation, technology and, mainly, high quality in their services.

Justice, health, transportation and many other bodies, in countries such as the United States, Singapore, Canada and the United Kingdom, are some examples of how cloud computing has benefited and driven different governments around the world.

Cloud Computing for government agencies

Among the objectives to be achieved by governments when adopting cloud computing, the modernization of the IT infrastructure and the development of an architecture of solutions, services and information that can be shared between the different bodies that are part of the public administration stand out.

The reality is that many government institutions and agencies independently own their own data centers, generating a redundant technology and service infrastructure for the same government.

Information sharing is also considered a key factor to improve the government's performance in meeting the needs of the population and with the use of cloud computing it is possible to distribute updated information to different government agencies at the federal, state and municipal levels, reducing, for example , the time spent by each citizen requesting services or benefits.

Another facility that cloud computing makes possible is the provision of various services on the web through various government portals. This facilitates service, reduces the number of queues and enhances the services offered.

Cost reduction as a goal

Another important goal in using cloud computing is cost reduction. By improving the structure of technology and services, it is possible to reduce expenses such as energy, optimize specialized labor and investments in the management of the computational park used.

This improvement of the IT structure and services makes democracy even stronger, since cutting-edge technology is now shared with the entire population through the federal, regional and municipal spheres. Furthermore, there are no differences or benefits between cities and municipalities due to different parties or ideologies.

Safety First When Embracing Cloud Computing

Requirements such as security and standards compliance are top priority and stringent before any government agency undertakes any cloud migration initiative. It takes a clear transition strategy and definition of criteria to determine which services and information will be transported to the cloud.

While information security remains a top concern for government, new methods of deploying cloud computing and numerous success stories have alleviated many fears related to cloud security .

The adoption of cloud computing by governments around the world should accelerate in the coming years, however, this migration varies according to each government sector. It will be necessary to create a different strategy based on the requirements and needs of each organization and sector in which the service is provided.

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