Nowadays, cloud computing solutions have become the sensation of companies that want to innovate their operating systems by transferring everything to the cloud, a new universe that Information Technology has made possible for modernity. Thus, the volume of data is fully compressed, remaining safer in the infrastructure of cloud computing services, a platform that offers technology solutions.

The benefits that cloud computing solutions provide for their users are many, from the implementation of accessibility anywhere and on any device, to the almost infinite storage of data. For companies, cloud computing is more than a simple platform: it allows you to reduce costs and use advanced services related to infrastructure and processing. All this through technology. It is no wonder that the Information Technology (IT) market has been growing continuously, because it allows even greater connectivity between data and services installed in other countries.


For this to happen correctly, companies need to adapt their platform so that the cloud computing system is deployed at full capacity. For this, it is necessary to adjust the systems according to your needs. Today there are three main architectures in the cloud: public, private or hybrid. Thus, it is the company that will decide which is the best modality for it. What should be kept in mind is that cloud computing needs a provider that guarantees the flexibility of the system, in order to always offer quality, speed, scalability, and security to users, whether customers or businessmen.

Cloud computing is a trend that will move millions in the coming years, after all, the world today is being fully virtualized.


It is essential, therefore, to think about the practical concept of connectivity, since the cloud computing model is related to Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). With so much data being scaled across the cloud network, connectivity needs to support this transaction of processes because the data flow will be even greater. Hence the need to adapt servers in the cloud to support this “Third Platform” (Cloud Computing + Big Data + Internet of Things).

One can see how much technology will evolve in the face of new systems that will be assembled and created. Cloud computing services emerged from the trend of innovating software processes, separating the hardware and providing greater freedom for the system to expand without having to make repairs or transfer data elsewhere. Thus, the cloud is an infinite place, where it is possible to streamline all the company's data management, even preventing cyber attacks, because technology is increasingly secure.

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Therefore, if companies continue to invest in Cloud Computing, it is possible to create an even larger database, facilitating transactions and processing the entire infrastructure and storage, with great security and mobility for the user to access the cloud. By the way, Sky.One offers cloud services and solutions for companies that want to adapt to this new technology.

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