Cloud computing proved to be interesting for different segments that can streamline their processes. The benefits of technology allow you to expand and reduce costs, since there are no expenses with a local server. Basically, cloud computing allows companies that operate in the fashion sector to pay attention to their designs, factories and the sale of their products and not manage a network of servers.

It is a technology that is transforming the world of fashion and helping many industries become more efficient and potentially saving money in the process. Cloud computing allows companies that work with clothing, footwear and accessories to scale their growth through more dynamic operations, carried out and managed from different places.

Networks, servers, data storage, applications and services can be quickly accessed with minimal management effort. Cloud computing is a big trend, capable of transforming the way companies see their information technology. This technology helps all industries including the garment industry. See how.

Greater process agility

By implementing cloud computing, the fashion industry has significant potential to increase productivity and time-to-market as a whole. One way that apparel companies are using this new technology is by using the solution for storing and sharing information, sales systems, internal management ERP, among other important business applications.

Product development in the cloud is cost-effective

Asos, an online fashion retailer uses cloud technology to expand its services in the international arena. Pete Marsden, Asos' chief information officer, said the company doesn't have to maintain and buy new equipment because of the use of cloud technologies. By migrating to cloud technology, retailers save on server maintenance. Given that companies in the fashion business have some of the lowest technology budgets of any industry, they can use that budget for other things, like opening a new store, hiring more staff, and giving more attention to their own business. business.

Communication between departments becomes easier

Retail success goals become less complicated and easier to achieve with the help of cloud-based technology. It allows retailers access to processes, inventory, making things less sophisticated for both company managers and their employees.

All areas can benefit

Bolder patterns and prints are being created by computers and the process narrows as technology is incorporated into the business. The requirements for the fashion industry are more demanding in the world of manufacturing. Fashion retailers need to ensure that the right assortment is available in the store at the right time. The cloud will help in all processes, from the design of parts, through the management of operations, sales and distribution. 🇧🇷

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