Cloud computing has allowed companies to take advantage of technological developments to increase their level of competitiveness in the market. In a secure and highly efficient environment, the cloud has become one of the main instruments for the growth of companies.

To get an idea of ​​the revolution that has been promoted for companies, the existing cutting-edge technology in the cloud allows, for example, the integration between services and business units to process, analyze data and transform it into intelligent information that helps in strategic decisions. with a direct impact on customers and suppliers, all at a reduced cost and in real time.

That is why, by 2020, companies that do not use cloud computing will be as rare as those that do not use the Internet today, according to a Gartner study.

Technology solutions combined with cloud computing offer customers a world-class service

Cloud computing is strongly associated with the technological growth of companies. Adoption of cloud services has been increasing regardless of industry type and business size.

Due to its enormous potential, the cloud is driving innovations in various sectors such as government, healthcare, research and development, transportation, retail, education, etc. Here are some examples:

Cloud in transport management

Advances in cloud computing offer the transportation industry great opportunities to solve the major challenges caused by increased passenger and freight demand. Based on the cloud, it is possible, for example, to create transport systems, both public and private, linked to management and control tools, thus promoting innovations for an efficient transport system for a large country like ours.

cloud in industry

The application of the cloud in the industry is highlighted in supporting production and sales. Some of the cloud-based application areas are CRM and supply chain solutions that provide better communication with suppliers and customers .

Cloud in the healthcare industry

For the healthcare industry, cloud computing represents a huge opportunity. Storing, archiving, sharing and accessing images more easily enables data to be managed more efficiently and cost-effectively, while overcoming many existing legal and technical challenges. The cloud also allows hospitals to improve the management of human resources, patients, medications and the entire complex structure, a common characteristic of this sector.

Cloud-based solutions provide unparalleled data analytics power to companies across diverse industries. The advantages of using cloud-based solutions are:

  • High data processing power : the cloud allows, with its technology structure, the transformation of data into relevant information, necessary for strategic decisions by companies;
  • Real-time reporting : The cloud provides high-quality data for risk-based monitoring, efficiently delivering data without delay.
  • High connectivity on different devices : cloud computing expands the diversity of devices the ability to access data from anywhere, this means, for example, that a cell phone, laptop, tablet or workstation, regardless of its physical location can access information relevant to a strategic decision.

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