25th RSA Conference took place in San Francisco, which dealt with issues related to security and digital threats. At this event, Admiral Michael S. Rogers and RSA President Amit Yoran left an interesting message in which he says that as there are rapidly evolving threats, there must be an urgent need for partnerships that drive innovation, visibility and investment in security.

Analyzing the current technological scenario, it is possible to agree with the statements by Rogers and Yoran, since technologies such as Cloud Computing have created challenges for the security of data in organizations, especially when it comes to the defense of legacy systems and other applications. . Follow the details below and learn more about this subject.

Cloud computing and data security

There is no denying that cloud computing has been very important for the competitiveness of companies that have already adopted the technology. And among the many benefits, we can highlight:

  • Reduction of infrastructure costs;
  • Technological innovation within reach of companies of all sizes;
  • Mobility to access data from anywhere in the world;
  • Software as a Service;
  • Scalability according to business demand, among others.

However, despite the various advantages, it is essential that cloud computing is secure in order to make companies able to:

  • Protect the integrity of your intellectual property;
  • Concerned exclusively with core business;
  • Ensure that business is continuous even in cases of environmental disasters;
  • Preserve compliance with rules and regulations.

Sky.One and focus on security

As a provider of cloud computing solutions, Sky.One also values ​​and focuses its efforts on the security of its customers' data. And in partnership with today's largest cloud provider - Amazon Web Services, we have the availability to offer some of the following security features:

  • Multi-level security: Implementation of security mechanisms at different levels such as virtual instances, virtual guest operating systems, host operating systems, firewalls, among others.
  • Hypervisor: Modified version of the Xen Hypervisor that allows access to the CPU with different privileges.
  • Firewall: Firewall ports closed by default and with the possibility of separating access levels into different security groups.
  • Host Operating System Security: multifactor authentication system for access to host operating system management.
  • Isolation Instances: Separated instances with a high level of security, avoiding mutual influences of data from different instances.

And as cloud computing has advanced more and more, we always try to be one step ahead of the security challenges that this technology has generated. So if your company wants to move to the cloud, rest assured that your data will be safe! Get in touch with us and learn more about how to safely take your company to the cloud!

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Sky.One Team

This content was produced by SkyOne's team of cloud and digital transformation experts.