Those who work in the cloud computing segment should already be aware that this type of service is constantly growing. The cloud computing market is one of the main focuses of these services, after all, security and ease are needed when accessing important data and documents. The investment in this sector is huge, which makes even the smallest companies that provide this service manage to increase their profits.

What is the Cloud Computing service?

This type of service is directly related to accessing documents and other applications using the internet on any type of platform, including the most diverse devices and operating systems.

To understand better: when you save a file or document on a certain computer or device, it will only be accessible from that computer or device. This happens a lot on personal computers with traditional systems, but in corporations and companies the process is different.

To be able to free access to certain files without using the cloud, you still need to resort to accessing VPNs, which are usually quite complicated. For this reason, we can conclude that the use of the cloud can facilitate and even increase productivity in the work routine.

Cloud computing is very useful when you need to access the same files on different computers or sectors. In this way, authorized terminals can have access to this type of information, simply accessing the internet. If the concern is file security, the private cloud solves the problem. Only equipment from within the company and authorized are able to access the cloud used within the corporation.

That is, with cloud computing solutions, access to company data becomes much easier and still maintains security in the storage of information. No need to save the same files on multiple devices to access from different machines. Just make the file available in the company's cloud and all thanks to internet access.

The growth of cloud computing services

In the last year, 2015, cloud computing services grew by 28%, and this is all due to several factors that we can analyze, including:

1. Confidence

The cloud provides security for executives and the large companies that use it. You can protect data by restricting where the cloud can be accessed.

2. Multiplatform

It is possible to access the cloud on several devices that are authorized, such as tablets, smartphones, notebooks and computers. All this, accompanying the technological advance and the growth of these new technologies within corporations. Remembering that, for access on other platforms, the equipment must be authorized to access the cloud.

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