Speaking of professionals required for cloud computing can divide this article into two areas: those with management skills and those with skills for integration with new technologies.

This is due to the evolution that has occurred in recent years. We have an improvement process applied to the use of the cloud that required specialization of knowledge in networks, information security, databases, etc. And we have the new technologies that have emerged already considering cloud computing as part of their architecture.

So let's go to our list.

Dedicated Cloud Professionals

You may have already read in our articles about the second wave of cloud computing and the second phase of the revolution that the technology is bringing about. After the phase of doubts about the adoption of the cloud by companies and with several very successful cases, the time has come for the migration to take place more strongly.

So, in our list, let's start with two vital specialties that already existed in the list of professionals working in the field of cloud computing, but whose demand has grown every year, mainly for those who sought improvement and acquired a lot of experience:

  1. Cloud architecture experts
  2. Information security specialists

Knowledge in architecture is undoubtedly directly related to migration. Companies need to develop their projects reconciling all the resources offered by the cloud, along with the real needs of the solutions that are migrating to cloud computing technology. An important point for cloud architects is to carry out this transfer at a low cost, one of the main benefits offered with the adoption of cloud computing.

And information security has become a key area for using the cloud. For a long time, ensuring data integrity and continuity of operations has always been a matter of doubt for companies to adopt or not the technology. Having overcome the challenge, now it is up to us to maintain all investments to guarantee information security through the use of resources, certifications, seals of conformity and, mainly, with specialized professionals.

Cloud-integrated professionals

After the consolidation of cloud computing in the market, the next step, in addition to migration, will be the integration of new technologies to the use of the cloud. Suppliers like AWS have offered an excellent structure for companies that are investing in innovative solutions based on high technology, hence the need for new professionals.

  1. Big data specialists
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) experts
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) experts
  4. Specialists in HPC (High Performance Computing)

Reconciling the integration between cloud computing with the technologies that are emerging, and developing an architecture suitable for the functionalities and resources, is something similar to “taking the corner and running to head”. Professionals who seek training, specialization and experience in these areas of knowledge will certainly be valued and very well taken advantage of by the market. It is an excellent professional opportunity for both experienced and beginners.

Cloud computing has stood out for offering great opportunities, professionals, entrepreneurship, science and technology and new businesses. In addition to specialists, companies have access to several possibilities, all of this at a reduced cost and with access to cutting-edge technology, which is why it is very worthwhile to invest in cloud computing.

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