The software gained a great ally with cloud computing . The benefits of this partnership include different areas within the development cycle of software products and services and promote great opportunities for entrepreneurship, including startups to large companies.

Another relevant factor within this partnership is the democratization of high technology, as companies like Amazon make large investments to make their state-of-the-art products and services available , allowing all this advancement to reach developers from different parts of the world and with different budgets.

Cloud computing within the software development cycle

Regardless of the development methodology employed by a software factory or independent developer, the resources offered by a Cloud Computing provider such as AWS allow access to vast knowledge and tools that serve several areas within the development cycle.

Areas parallel to development

Within the software construction process, there are areas considered vital that serve as support for the product creation cycle, and that can be influenced by cloud computing.

  • Software Requirements

For requirements analysts, the documentation provided by cloud providers provide a great foundation in building the assumptions and conditions to be met by a software-based product or service.

In addition to functional requirements, which describe what the software must do, we have non-functional requirements, which are directly impacted on the resources offered in the cloud. We can cite as an example security requirements, high availability, reliability, portability, among others.

  • Software Testing

The quest for quality has a direct impact on the structure of tests applied to a software product or service. A long time ago, the execution of the testing process ceased to be manual, focused only on the system's functionalities.

Currently, the testing team performs different quality standards that involve evaluations of performance, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, portability, etc.

The infrastructure and tools necessary to carry out these software tests can be built through products and services offered by cloud computing technology, thus guaranteeing high quality and performance products.

  • Infrastructure and user support

It is part of the creation cycle of any software infrastructure and customer support. The presence of these areas is linked to post-product development, but still needs to be designed in the planning phase.

Many companies already work in the areas of infrastructure and support in the development phase. Ideally, there should be a validation process by the quality team before the product reaches the market.

To satisfactorily address these areas related to customer satisfaction, cloud computing has infrastructure and solutions to be used as customer support.

Other parallel areas to development that are also covered by cloud technology are project management, database, documentation and version control.

Cloud Computing and solution development

Finally, we come to the development phase, where programmers get their hands dirty to create software or even a new technology. It is at this moment that AWS has an important participation in the process.

  • Basic concepts and tools

From basic documentation on how to develop applications for the cloud, tools and integration with various API's, the development team has access to a large number of resources to start the construction phase.

Integration with the main programming languages ​​and their development IDE's is also available to the entire team, thus making the creation process easier.

  • DevOps Resources

Many current technologies need a specific infrastructure of tools and resources to create a solution, the so-called DevOps.

The services that are part of DevOps make it possible to simplify the provisioning and management of the infrastructure, the deployment of code, the automation of software release processes and the monitoring of the performance of the application and the infrastructure used.

  • Forums and User Groups

The developer community is always on hand to help with the development process. Regardless of the degree of knowledge or experience, all help is valid to reach the end with a complete and quality product.

That is why it is important to have a favorable environment for this integration. Forum and community tools within the cloud environment make it even easier to create a product as complex as software.

The integration between the software industry and cloud computing technology and services is definitive and opens up a large number of product and new business opportunities that cannot be missed.

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