The company starts a project that requires a lot of computational power.  Investment in structure often pays off. The volume of available resources and the subsequent idleness of the equipment appear as obstacles. What to do at this time? The way out is in cloud computing . Known for offering storage, the cloud also enables the use of super-powerful virtual machines.

The concept of Infrastructure as a Service allows the user to hire super powerful virtual machines for specific projects. He can “rent” the equipment for a certain period or pay only for the time he uses it. The idea is to offer computational power to the client through the internet. In this way, the cost of acquiring equipment and creating the entire structure necessary for its operation is eliminated. Follow:

Giants vie for the Cloud Computing market

Four giants of the Information Technology sector offer infrastructure as a service – Microsoft, Amazon, Google and IBM. Each one has different prices and hiring conditions. The choice of which one to use will basically depend on the company's profile and its needs for project development. Discover now the characteristics of these four options.

Azure (Microsoft)

The service makes Windows Server servers and Linux virtual machines available to the user.  The configuration is in charge of the customer's demands. Payment is on a pay-as-you-go basis and costs $0.02 per hour. The machines have 19 gigabytes of internal memory. Microsoft maintains data centers  in Europe, Asia and the United States.

AWS (Amazon)

Working with the concepts of hybrid, private and public cloud, AWS specializes in infrastructure as a service and seeks to provide greater computing power to customers. There are several forms of subscription. The user can pay per hour of use, hire fixed plans or opt for a simple package (with some free applications).

Google Cloud

The service operates in a public cloud and also offers infrastructure packages. There are several configurations of virtual machines, and it is up to the customer to choose the one that best suits the needs of the project. The main advantage for the user is to take advantage of Google's gigantic optical fiber network spread across five continents. The cost of the service is US$ 0.06 per hour and the customer only pays for the period that the equipment is used.

Softlayer (IBM)

The solution presented by IBM gives the customer the possibility of easily scaling the necessary computational resources. Softlayer guarantees the capacity to make machines available to run in just five minutes. Usage price is $0.04 per hour.

The option of contracting virtual machines with high computational power meets the needs of companies that occasionally need greater data processing capacity.  In this sense, cloud computing  allows you to gain scalability, without the need for heavy investments in hardware and structure.

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