It is clear that many companies had to adapt to the new scenario, due to the consequences that COVID-19 brought not only to organizations, but also to the routine of thousands of professionals. Cloud computing was the path followed by many companies to ensure more agility and security for business.

The impacts caused by social distancing and the need to create resilience in the business demanded technologies that better meet the current challenges imposed by isolation. According to the global Enterprise Cloud Index survey, 76% of respondents reported that the pandemic has made them think more strategically about IT, and 46% said their hybrid cloud have increased as a direct result of the pandemic, including public and private clouds. Long before the pandemic, we already knew that the cloud is here to stay.

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But, what is the importance of the cloud for companies and what to expect for the future?

Migration is inevitable for survival in the increasingly competitive market, and many companies were already aware of this. In the context of social isolation and home office, the cloud has been the best alternative among available technologies, in view of the needs of organizations to store their data, hold meetings via videoconference, in addition to the increasingly eminent need to use collaborative tools . COVID-19 has only accelerated companies' demand for cloud services.

We can observe that many segments reacted and felt the impact of the pandemic. Sectors such as tax incentives, for example, boosted the economy and allowed some areas to react immediately to new demand. Even so, the cloud proved to be essential for all markets, making it possible to respond to demands in a scalable and secure way, regardless of the scenario.

Resumption and prospects for the cloud market

Many opportunities will arise in the post-pandemic landscape, particularly in the way business is conducted and in supply chains and logistics. Certainly, the cloud market is ready to meet the needs of dependency reduction, greater resilience and mobility, issues that will be a priority for executives in the recovery of the economy. In this sense, the increase in business intelligence, associated with greater concern with the entire journey of the consumer in the shopping experience, will be some of the concerns of companies for the future.

We, at Sky.One , believe that the resumption will require an attitude of change in organizations, in order to meet the new demands that will arise. New digital products will be on the agenda of companies in 2021. Scaling and integrating the different applications will be the key to success in this resumption. We have extremely qualified professionals to help you from migration to data support in the cloud.

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