Cloud computing is increasingly popular among companies of different sizes. Technology makes it possible to take advantage of all computing resources, without the need for a mandatory internal structure or an IT team on duty to correct problems and failures in the system. Today, there are already different cloud that serve different types of businesses.

 public cloud , for example, is being widely used by micro and small companies, in addition to startups. This is because this type of technology has a simple and fast implementation, in addition to a low cost. In the case of the public cloud, the servers are allocated in data centers , installed in their own cloud providers and outside the company and still  have the privacy and security necessary to work with corporate data. It has also been used in secondary applications such as website hosting, e-mail services, corporate videos, among others.

Due to a reflection of the market that has been witnessing the expansion of small businesses, added to the flexibility of this type of service, IT suppliers estimate that this year the growth of the public cloud should reach 50% . To learn a little more about market movements and why the public cloud has become such a huge attraction for companies, keep following our post!

Cost and entrepreneurial profile

The growth in demand for the public cloud is a reflection of the emergence of new small businesses in recent years. Many of them only know about this type of storage and bet on technology due to the low cost and lack of large structures to meet the needs of this type of business. Small companies, in general, do not have a large financial capacity to invest in storage services through their own software the budget to hire an IT team. It came in as the perfect solution to this existing gap in technology services, meeting a present and now growing demand.

Another factor that influences the good reception of the public cloud for this type of business is also linked to the entrepreneurial profile of those who work in the field of small and micro companies, especially startups. In general, these entrepreneurs are young and less conservative than traditional companies.

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Medium and large business

Obviously, it is possible to find medium and large companies in the market that have also been betting on the cloud, because cloud computing also presents solutions that traditional systems do not offer, such as data traffic and mobility , for example.

Nowadays the public cloud is no longer seen by companies as less secure. Some companies end up using the hybrid cloud, as a matter of greater need for data storage and also for security. Although many experts claim that the public cloud is as or more secure than the private cloud, it is a fact that security is directly related to data center and traffic rules.

When it comes to migrating to the cloud, many companies, regardless of their size, are migrating to the cloud. Netflix is ​​already 100% in the cloud, as are international financial institutions and governments in many countries.

With or without conservatism, one thing is undeniable: the cloud is economical, flexible and scalable, in addition to having the ability to deliver data of different types and sizes anywhere on the planet. With a device connected to a powerful network, any company today can exist anywhere thanks to the cloud.

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