The cloud is gaining more and more space in the business sector every day and gaining public satisfaction. The reasons for the conquest of space by cloud computing are due to economic, structural, mobility and security factors.

Cloud computing: the reality of the new trend

Cloud computing is already a reality and is highly consolidated in the market for large and medium-sized companies, in all regions of the world, and with growth expectations for the coming years . According to a recent survey carried out by the company Dell, approximately four out of five companies in the world use cloud computing in some way, numbers that are even higher in Brazil and Mexico, countries where this practice is more common, with around 90% of the companies involved.

According to the coordinator of the MBA courses at the Faculdade de Informática e Administração Paulista (Fiap), Celso poderoso, it is the lack of information about this technology that prevents the number of companies that adhere to it from being even greater. Many companies still believe that physical servers are more secure and easier to master or simply have little information about cloud computing.

Cost reduction and physical space optimization

The economy is one of the points that most attracts companies to the use of clouds. Services with viable costs are much more affordable when compared to other similar methods for information control, considering that there is no need to maintain a specialized IT team to work, nor does it require physical space to deploy equipment, which, in addition, are costly both for acquisition and maintenance.

Companies that use cloud computing technology have total work mobility in this system, being able, if they want, to fully maintain their work, using a completely virtual office, in which the only need to work will be a stable internet connection. . Portraying the versatility of the system, all devices, including computers, tablets or smartphones can be integrated into the process, which also accepts all operating systems available on the market.

cloud elasticity

Cloud elasticity is also a tool that is very pleasing to users who opt for this service. Versatile cloud system control options enable customers, who work only with what is really needed, to reduce or increase resources to more efficiently fit their needs . In this way, the customer saves even more , since the amount of resources used is directly linked to the amount paid for the services.

armored security

With regard to security features, the cloud offers antivirus, firewall and content filtering tools, all with proven efficiency in the market and with easy management by the customer or their administrator.

All these resources are offered in full and with highly specialized work by Sky.One , bringing complete solutions for businesses of all sectors and different sizes, adapting to the customer's needs and guaranteeing their satisfaction, and a demonstration of the services can be scheduled in clouds to check your mobility, security, economy and ease of work.

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