It is thought that the term cloud computation or cloud computing was used for the first time at the end of the 1990s, but researchers point out that the concept of sharing information between computers appeared much earlier, in 1960. The technology may not be recent, but its adoption only began in 2008, when companies of various sizes started to use the service.

Today, the development of cloud computing is accelerating. Because it offers various benefits, such as mobility, increased productivity and reduced costs, the advances and expectations for this service has been becoming increasingly prominent in corporate discussions and events.

Due to the size of the sector, companies developing software and systems are migrating to cloud computing. Currently, there are various platforms on the market that store a person’s or a company’s documents and other information on the cloud.  Therefore, it is necessary to study demand and choose the best tool for every need.

For each problem, a solution

One of the hurdles faced by large companies is the number of trips their employees frequently have to make. Although the internet makes it easier and helps alleviate their absence, it has its limits. For example, if a company is working on its own server, keeping its files saved on computers, when someone needs to travel, they are obliged to take a company notebook with them – and even then, access to the files is limited. In these cases, the best alternative is to choose a solution on the cloud. Next, we will examine which work platforms can be used on the cloud.


Cloud-based email tools are currently the best-known and most used options. The ease of access to the in-box from any device on the internet is the biggest of these benefits, along with having all the files saved with a secure type of backup. You can also contract these services off-line, which allows the user to read and respond to emails without being connected, create drafts and subsequently synchronize them.

Video conference

Distance and absence are no longer a problem with the use of these applications. The adoption of video conferencing enables meetings to be held between people in different locations, in which they may talk to each other simultaneously through internet access. Apart from helping the work and contributing to mobility, it is also possible to save the conference file.


The major advantage of using a cloud diary, is the possibility of sharing it with other people. By eliminating the paper diary, it becomes simpler to schedule meetings, because all those invited can see the availability of the others, making it quicker to find a time when everyone is free.

File storage

The solution of file storage on the cloud has been extensively used because of the security that it affords the company. As documents are edited on a single platform, the alterations are immediately saved, avoiding their loss if there is a power outage and the computer switches off, for example. Documents are easily shared between colleagues, who can work on the same file at the same time.

In addition to these four tools, there are other services that can be used on the cloud. Website hosting, for example, is often undertaken in this manner, as having your own server occupies space and also requires investment for support and maintenance. Working on the cloud is also an option for financial management, and platforms for managing CRM tasks and guru.

This service has characteristics that greatly simplify the work, among which are access by several different devices at the same time (tablets, cell phones, and notebooks). Allowing access by various operating systems, such as Windows, iOS and Android, is also fundamental nowadays.

Using a cloud solution that can be connected from any device is also important for synchronizing data. This way, even if people in different locations and on different platforms are working together, the information is updated and shared immediately, making communication easier.

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