Technological innovation. That is the motive for your customer to adopt cloud computing for their infrastructure. With the digital transformation in today’s marketplace, companies, regardless of sector or size, cannot become part of this new digital era without cloud adoption. Reducing costs is another evident motive for investing in the cloud, but this has already been an established benefit that led most of the cloud’s early adopters to migrate. In this article, we will go beyond this layer.

Information security is a priority
You cannot exploit the benefit of cloud innovation without the concern of security. Cyberattacks continue to be a major threat to businesses occurring with greater intensity and causing enormous losses to companies both domestically and internationally.

Ransomware – Backup and disaster recovery
Investment in information security is a top priority for cloud computing. AWS heavily invests in technological assets and in certification/compliance with the credible organizations who regulate various market sectors. Customer support for attack prevention and incident reporting has also become a priority with AWS.

An increase in training professionals in cloud computing
IT professionals already include the use of cloud computing in their training and professional experience. The management and best practices associated with cloud infrastructure is no longer a major challenge and currently producing excellent results.

At Sky.One, an official AWS partner company, we are constantly training our staff through projects and the application of new technologies. This has led us to have an excellent core of technical staff, developing new products and services with substantial innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Internal Process Management
With the investments made in the cloud, the productive process of companies has been perfected. The technology team has made better use of time and financial resources in pursuit of improvements and best market practice.

Transferring a large part of the responsibility for infrastructure to the cloud has permitted an optimization of investments yielding positive and strategic results for both businesses and customer satisfaction.

Cloud computing is proven to bring a return on investment (ROI)
One of the major concerns for IT managers is ROI. They need internally sell assurance that the technology investment will provide their desired results both in the short and long term. Investing in cloud computing supports this certainty. With the cutting-edge technology used by cloud provider, it is possible to work on future projects with guaranteed security and high availability. Thus, it now establishes as a market differentiator from its competitors, suppliers and customers. To be successful in today’s market, it is not enough to only channel investments into cloud computing. These projects must be developed to obtain all objectives. Get in touch with Sky.One to learn how best to do this.