Among its priorities in cloud computing, Amazon promotes innovative technologies, information security and passing its cost savings down to the you, the customer. AWS aims to provide the best cloud solution by continually rolling out enhancements to its product and service offering. That’s where the AWS Spot solution comes in.

According to Amazon’s own definition, AWS Spot EC2 instances are “spare compute capacity in the AWS cloud available to you at steep discounts compared to on-demand prices”. The objective of spot instances is to optimize the existing infrastructure on Amazon’s cloud, permitting its clients to obtain even lower costs that can reach up to 90 percent in discounts off on-demand pricing.

Getting to know the AWS Spot EC2 instances
Amazon’s AWS Spot EC2 instances allows users to deploy servers that, at times, are not experiencing demand for use at scale resulting in price reductions. This model allows AWS to sell extra, unused capacity.

The AWS Spot instances are not for continuous use, as the objective is to use idle computing capacity. When operational demand returns, Amazon will reallocate the servers for the use of other clients according to their needs. The parameter for a change to occur takes place according to the prices applied for each type of instance.

Cloud computing has a fundamental role in the digital transformation of companies.

AWS Spot EC2 instances are not applicable for every business
As you must have realized, AWS Spot instances are not appropriate to meet the needs of high availability. When requested by Amazon, clients receive a two-minute prior notice before it is used for a higher priority demand.

AWS Spot instances are not recommended for high risk, real time or mission-critical guru. The use most commonly given to this type of server is high performance computing (HPC), in which companies are carrying out financial or scientific analyses for a brief period of time.

Another example recommended by Amazon, is the use of Spot instances in environments for testing and development, image rendering, transcoding of videos, and machine learning, among others.

Is it worth using AWS Spot EC2 instances in my company?
Among the benefits of using Amazon Spot instances is the integration with internal cloud services, such as auto scaling, AWS Batch, AWS SDK for Java and .Net, as well as services outside AWS such as Jenkins, Bamboo and others.

The difference between the AWS Spot instances and on-demand instances is that, basically, Spot can only be used if there are servers available.  This does not mean that Amazon clients cannot rely on the use of these assets in production. There are various strategies that can be adopted to make intelligent and efficient use of the Amazon servers that meet these criteria.