Results of investing in the cloud depend on two primary factors: Increase the performance of the company’s operations and return on investment (ROI). These components validate the project and promote new initiatives allowing cost optimization with state-of-the-art technology.

As cloud computing continues to grow, Amazon Web Services (AWS) increased its investments offering technology and competitive pricing to attract more companies. Looking for cost optimization, however, is not AWS’ responsibility. It is necessary to invest in tools that assist continuous improvement.

Cost optimization starts in the cloud

In a process of continuous improvement for cloud migration, infrastructure results previously defined in the planning stage are under constant analysis. Regarding services and technology assets, it is necessary to check the designed architecture is in accordance with the planning phase and it is obtaining positive results.

It is always possible to improve. For AWS, new technologies and resources are introduced into the platform of services allowing customers to optimize their infrastructure.

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A good example for this optimization is the AWS Spot instance offering. It markets the availability of computer capacity at times of low demand at discounted rates (in relation to EC2 instances’ standard rates). AWS Spot EC2 increases cost optimization in the AWS cloud based on the conditions created by AWS to offer these instances.

Other tips for cost optimization

In addition to capitalizing on AWS Spot instances, there are other initiatives used to optimize costs:

  • Continually evaluate the optimization of your infrastructure
  • Monitor your environment by searching for bottlenecks or low productivity (unused instances)
  • Simplify your team’s system management
  • Apply and maintain best practices within the cloud environment
  • Monitor costs related to infrastructure and pricing
  • Economize without compromising the profitability of your cloud infrastructure
  • Invest in cost optimization tools for your cloud environment

Cost optimization is a priority for both AWS customers and partners

As an AWS partner, Sky.One strives to offer options allowing customers to utilize the most cost optimized solution. Our vision is to continually provide guru permitting our customers the best use of their AWS environment.

A good example is our Sky.Saver tool. This tool applies artificial intelligence (AI) in infrastructure management by combining the advantages of regular ECS instances with the benefits of AWS Spot pricing. It simplifies the management and cost optimization of spot pricing.

The advantage of tools like these is everyone wins. AWS optimizes idle infrastructure while our customers achieve greater cost optimization than if they were to manage their own AWS infrastructure.