Companies are more likely to accept and adapt to the transformations that occur in the digital environment. This is one of the main reasons why they adopt cloud solutions for long periods of time. This is what the Cloud and Hosting Trends – The Digital Revolution, Powered by Cloud study points out. According to him, 43% of companies that contract cloud services sign annual contracts, however the percentage of those that opt ​​for longer-lasting contracts has been growing.

Managers have been researching more and looking for solutions that meet all the demands of the business and therefore tend to sign contracts for one year, a period in which it is possible to assess whether the choice was the right one. Others are more sure of what they want and opt for longer term contracts, but without big bets. According to the study, 26% of companies sign two-year contracts and 17% for three years. Which denotes greater confidence in the solutions.

Month-to-month hiring is not the best option

10% of companies opt for longer contracts, with more than three years. Even so, it is a higher percentage of those who hire the service for monthly contacts. The study also reveals that month-to-month contracts are an option for only 4% of companies that adopt the cloud in their operations and processes.

Among the reasons for this are the company's need to have a solution for a longer time . In addition, suppliers offer greater advantages to contracts that are signed for a longer period of time. It is also important to assess that adapting processes takes time and it is not always possible to test the options, making it more interesting for companies to hire cloud services for a longer period of time. After all, no one wants to put their operations at risk.

Trust first

69% of the companies interviewed consider the trust factor to be paramount when choosing cloud providers. 57% of them take into account the economy and low cost when choosing. Which shows that they are more concerned with the quality of the products in relation to the cost, that is, companies are willing to pay more for security.

What points are the focus of the companies?

Managers were asked the following question: Based on what you have heard, which of the following will be most important for your organization to increase revenue over the next two years? 19% answered that it was to improve the marketing/promotion of products and services.

When asked about investments, 59% of managers said they would invest in applications and software base; 58% on cyber security and protection; 58% on mobile applications. Innovation is still a concern for companies and something that cloud vendors need to be able to deliver.

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