You probably already heard about Cloud Computing and Internet of Things as two current technologies. However, what few people know is that both are great allies.

Follow the details below and learn why the Cloud and the Internet of Things are inseparable.

Internet of Things: the future of devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept may seem new to many people, however, this topic has been explored for some years and has recently gained more notoriety due to its rapid advancement.

This technology has the basic principle of connecting devices to the world wide web to make its use easier and even expand the possibilities of delivering resources to users.

To better understand the concept, just look at some existing examples, such as: sensors that can be installed in trucks to control the speed and location of a fleet, smart locks that only open with a smartphone or wristbands that record user activities as distance. traveled, speed, heart rate, among others.

Cloud Computing and Data Storage

Like IoT, Cloud Computing technology is also expanding worldwide due to its many advantages that have taken companies to another technological level.

Today, reduced costs, ease and agility in scalability and data security are hallmarks that have made cloud computing expand worldwide.

In addition, the accelerated technological development in which the IoT is responsible, has generated an astronomical volume of data that must be captured, stored and transformed into knowledge for humanity. Thus, cloud computing enters the scene as a facilitator of this process, or in other words, an inseparable partner of the Internet of Things.

Cloud and Internet of Things: a perfect partnership

With each passing day, more devices become connected by sensors, communicating with each other. But if on the one hand this technology has been very favorable for people and companies, on the other hand, the amount of data that needs to be stored is impressive for everything to work as planned.

In this way, the use of cloud resources becomes necessary as the Internet of Things becomes increasingly present in people's reality. Thus, the Cloud proves to be the ideal resource for storing and making available the large volume of data that needs to be handled in real time.

Another important point in relation to the partnership of Cloud Computing with IoT is data security. This means that once we have an environment of universal connectivity for smart devices, it becomes necessary to create a secure environment through which information must travel. And if there is an environment where you have invested in cutting-edge security, this environment is cloud computing.

There is no denying that both Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things have become prevalent technologies today and represent trends for the future.

And as we have seen, both are interconnected in a partnership where each one has its role within the context of increasingly improving the interaction of devices with humans. And best of all, this is no longer a futurology, but a great reality.

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