By: Roberto Arruda*

What are you going to do now? We are not superheroes able to draw enormous and unlimited strength when we are challenged. In my childhood, I watched several series and loved comics. I remember many superheroes who, even devastated, managed to face the most adverse situations, of real failure in recoveries and victories. Above all, they were protagonists, and they had moral values ​​that even in the most difficult moments did not depart from them. Heroes show us how much it is possible to dream, believe, how much fear is part of it, but it cannot paralyze us.

I believe that each of us has a mission, we experience difficult times, just like superheroes, for a moment we think about weakening. It's been more than 100 days since the start of the pandemic, and the impacts on people and businesses have been terrible. Just like superheroes, entrepreneurs recognize that their role is to serve, they have a restlessness and know what needs to be done. Building the resumption is the next mission and it will be redone in the midst of the difficulties we are facing, where hope is not seen, the superheroes begin their journey. This path to take by the hero who can face the dark side of the force will require his highest degree of commitment. More than engaging the team, it is also building partnerships, being agile, now it is necessary to accelerate the pace of transformation, with innovation and overcoming challenges.

Change efforts in an unpredictable scenario will require new skills and competencies to adapt to the new normal. But he already appears every day. Small signs appear and this may be the first exercise you need to do. Empty your mind and know how to read what the market has been saying. The year 2020 will not be as we thought in December last year. Never before have we come to recognize that we are 27 different states in Brazil that have reacted independently and with different results in these last few months. And now they will require business specific actions as well. Another small sign comes from how we visited our doctors. A good example of the “tele” or “contactless” movement, which must be a new business imperative. For a final reflection, it is worth looking at how each of the different market segments is reacting to the new distancing rules. For example, how much will the industry accelerate before the consumer who “does not consume”, only uses the product while it provides the service that interests him. How the real estate industry will design our offices to take advantage of remote working or the tourism industry will ensure you don't get sick on your next business trip.

Make Resumption personal. A call to action that really motivates you and your team to take action. Reading the insights at that time will provide the conditions for you to develop the new skills needed to be the protagonist in this resumption. Let's go together. Now it depends on all of us.  

*Roberto Arruda is Sky.One 's Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

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