Much is highlighted about the benefits that cloud computing offers to accounting firms and accountants , however, it is worth noting that clients of accounting professionals and firms also take advantage of the advantages of using this technology. Cloud Computing enables a ripple effect and everyone wins.

Accounting is essential for the financial well-being of people and companies, on the other hand, it is considered something quite complex, especially when it comes to taxes and Brazilian legislation. Cloud accounting allows you to automate processes and allows companies to focus on tasks that add value to the business. They reduce costs and give competitive advantage in the market.

Cloud computing has revolutionized traditional accounting

The advantages that cloud computing has brought to accounting are not simply convenient and pleasant changes, they have become increasingly important as companies and individuals have come to grips with stricter regulation and increasing economic pressure.

Among some critical problems that existed in traditional accounting that were solved with the cloud, we can highlight.

  • Accounting information stored on a single computer
  • Software licensed for a single machine and with a high cost for acquisition and updates
  • Great risk of losing financial data

It is also worth mentioning that the transfer of accounting data was done in a very slow and risky way, it was very common to use floppy disks and pendrives in order to move information between clients and accounting firms.

Share the benefits of cloud accounting software with your clients

Cloud accounting solutions have enabled customers to meet tax laws and compliance regulations more easily and quickly. It allowed, for example, access to updated reports showing exactly how the business is working, facilitating decisions based on a realistic and real-time view.

Cloud accounting will give customers quick access to the information they need to make smart business decisions, plus we have the following benefits to share.

  • Agility to the flow of financial data interconnecting bank accounts and other sources.
  • Flexibility of access through any device connected to the Internet.
  • Ease of use and no worries about software updates.
  • Reduction in both licensing and technology infrastructure costs.

And one of the most important benefits that customers now have access to is linked to security. Risks such as data theft, natural disasters or fire, and loss of data backup are drastically reduced when using cloud-hosted accounting solutions.

The cloud truly is the safest place for your customers' accounting data. With the use of accounting software through cloud computing everyone stands to gain. Keep following us on our blog and social networks and get your questions by contacting Sky.One .

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