In recent times, it is practically impossible to maintain a business without having the best functionalities that digital offers us. 

From efficiently managing resources and data to effectively promoting the brand on social media platforms, the internet has proven to be a constant ally. However, as we increase our reliance on these technologies, so does cybersecurity

With so much information hosted on the network, hacker attacks are becoming more frequent. With cloud computing, the high availability of data and applications on the internet brings an even greater debate on cybersecurity .

We prepared this text for you to better understand the dangers and measures to ensure your cybersecurity. Continue reading and check out tips that make your company's experience even more valuable on the internet.

The importance of cybersecurity

Digital transformation , while making people and companies more connected – being indispensable for growing businesses – also brings new concerns.

A Gartner study predicts the expansion of spending on cybersecurity in 2023, with an increase of 26.8% in investments in cloud security, in addition to increases of 16.9% and 14.2% in expenses with cybersecurity and data privacy, respectively, and a 24.7% increase in disbursements with application security.

A Gartner study predicts the expansion of spending on cybersecurity in 2023, with an increase of 26.8% in investments in cloud security, in addition to increases of 16.9% and 14.2% in expenses with cybersecurity and data privacy, respectively, and a 24.7% increase in disbursements with application security.

In this scenario, we realize that cybersecurity has become a priority for companies, which are always looking for new ways to mitigate various risks. Speaking of them, here are the main ones:


Phishing is a type of attack to get personal information , with which your money or identity is stolen. In it, criminals pretend to be reliable companies or people and send some false communication with a link that takes the user to a phishing site, where data is collected.


Ransomware is a kind of malware – software – which, after entering a given system, has the power to machine or encrypt its data , thus preventing its use. Here, criminals use it to extort companies , charging high amounts to release access to compromised data or devices.


DDos (distributed denial of service) is an attack that uses malware or security vulnerabilities to make a website unavailable by overloading internet traffic . It's a kind of traffic jam, where bogus requests make legitimate end users unable to access the target, which eventually goes offline.

Cloud data security: is cloud computing safe?

Cutting to the chase: yes, the cloud is secure! Contrary to popular belief, having your resources available over the internet does not necessarily make them easy to attack.

The cloud recognizes the existence of risks and, therefore, works with several cybersecurity measures that seek to protect its data and operations.

With a scenario of frequent attacks, the largest companies in the cloud supply would not be at this level if they offered a service without any protection.

However, it is worth mentioning that cybersecurity is an issue that affects everyone , from the server to your company. There is little point in relying on advanced measures offered by the cloud provider and the surveillance of a partner company if you do not take some precautions in your daily activities.

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In any case, whether in the cloud or with on-premise storage, there will never be 100% protection. Attacks are evolving and, therefore, it is essential to evolve in data protection as well.

Security measures to protect data and applications in the cloud

Those who got this far in the text already realized that:

  1. the cloud is an ally to make a company more productive and competitive; It is
  2. the number of risks and attacks on it is large and continues to grow.

Given this scenario, protecting your data and applications in the cloud becomes essential. To this end, we currently have several security measures that make your business less vulnerable on the network.

As the application of cybersecurity measures involves more technical work, the ideal thing is for companies to have a partner solution that simplifies all these processes. Thus, it is possible to have a specialized team at your disposal to protect your resources .

In any case, there are some more common security measures in the cloud, which it is important to know a little about. See some of them now:

Strong user authentication

For someone to access your systems and data, it is essential that he is really authorized to do so, which is the task of user authentication. On the internet, the most common thing is that this process is done through passwords, but it can be more secure.

Strong user authentication can be done with various features such as email, passwords, sensitive information, tokens, biometrics and even two-factor .

To be sure of the identity of who is trying to access your system, it can be done through three categories of proof:

  1. knowledge , which is what only the user knows, such as passwords and answers to predefined questions;
  2. ownership , which is something only the user has, such as one-time passwords and tokens; It is
  3. features , which are something personal about the user, like voice recognition and iris scanning.

data encryption

Data encryption is a kind of protocol to ensure the security of your information in the cloud, ensuring that only authorized people can access it. 

In practice, data encryption means that information cannot be read in case of intrusion attempts . The content, which was previously readable, is encoded in such a way that it cannot be understood, unusable for those who do not have access authorization.

Security monitoring and threat detection

As with physical assets, your cloud property also needs security monitoring. In addition to having the means to correct attacks, it is also essential to have preventive measures , which save the business a lot of headaches.

With regular and firm security monitoring, it is possible to record events that indicate the flow of access to your resources and recognize irregularities. In this way, IT is capable of detecting threats and already preparing to remedy them , without your business losing considerable money or time.

Data backup and recovery

A security measure already known even by individuals is data backup copy of your information . In case there is a problem in your database, whether due to failure or invasion, the backup allows this duplicate file to be used in place of the original.

Data recovery, on the other hand, goes further, being a process created to restore your database in case it has a failure, returning to its original state.

These measures can be used together to strengthen your cybersecurity, after all, they are essential to not leave your business without functioning due to the lack of information necessary to maintain its productive processes.

physical security

Data security in the cloud is gaining many features, becoming, in many cases, more efficient than on-premise storage, such as in local data centers.

With the popularization of the cloud, the number of companies migrating to this type of storage ends up also creating a demand for physical security to also reach the cloud. 

In the cloud, security can be even more powerful, with 24-hour availability , with extensive monitoring. Since the cloud provides massive access to your data and applications, and everything can be used anywhere and at any time, there is nothing better than having continuous cybersecurity.

The cloud already has several cybersecurity systems, which are increasingly applied to protect companies. Check out 4 of them now:

Web Application Firewall

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) is complete protection for web-facing applications. It monitors and controls all access to these applications, removing risks and operational interference from bot traffic.

It works by filtering HTTP traffic, like a true shield between the application in question and the internet ! However, it is not used against any type of attack and must be combined with other resources.

security manager

As its translation indicates, Security Manager works like a real security manager in the cloud. It takes care of several system vulnerabilities , monitoring everything in a complete and routine way.

With Security Manager you have a cybersecurity platform, being responsible for managing your risk control , identifying the risks and the solution for them.

SOC (Security Operation Center)

Another platform for the cloud, SOC stands for Security Operations Center. It provides complete coverage, thinking about before, during and after problems , in addition to combining different solutions to better deal with incidents.

XDR solutions

Finally, we have XDR solutions, which detect an intrusion on endpoints and act quickly so that the problem does not spread throughout the system. XDR is a kind of evolution of EDR, now bringing an extended detection and response system, connected and integrated with databases , making the process faster and more efficient.

Compliance with GDPR

Having top-notch cybersecurity is not only important to ensure that your business continues to operate, you must remember that protecting data – internal and, above all, third-party data – is also a must. And this duty is not only moral, it is also provided for by law.

Since 2021, the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) is fully in force, determining what can and cannot be done with sensitive information from customers, partners and employees.

Thus, cybersecurity is essential to prevent information leaks , which can lead to problems for your company. This inspection of the use of data is carried out by the ANPD , a government body that has the power to apply penalties in case of non-compliance with the LGPD.

Among the penalties are: warning, simple fine of up to 2%, fine of up to 50 million reais, daily fines, blocking of personal data, blocking access to data and even suspension of core activity related to the use of data.

Therefore, it is worth knowing the LGPD, strictly following what it determines and implementing measures that guarantee the security of the data in your possession. A penalty for failing to comply with something can be extremely damaging to your business.

Listen to the fifth episode of Sky.Cast to find out more about the relationship between data security stored in the cloud and the LGPD:

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Migrate to the cloud with Auto.Sky

Although the cloud is extremely advantageous, using it may not be that simple. In addition to worrying about security, you need to ensure proper migration and well-done resource management.

In order to take better advantage of the cloud, the ideal is to have a partner that specializes in it. with this premise that Sky.One Auto.Sky solution Sky.One

With Auto.Sky , you have a first-class solution for using the cloud, with software migration and management software guarantee:

  1. scalability , which allows the cloud to be as large as your demands;
  2. availability , so your resources can be accessed anywhere and anytime;
  3. cost reduction , requiring less hardware, software and IT personnel;
  4. expert team , which keeps your cloud running and secure 24/7;
  5. cost predictability , so you only pay for what you use; It is
  6. Multi-cloud , which combines the benefits of the best clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Huawei Cloud.

In addition, Sky.One offers top-notch cybersecurity , both in terms of adopting the best protection measures and having extensive monitoring, which works in a preventive and corrective way.

At this point, we have a specific solution, Sky.Security . In it, you have:

  • EDR
  • GO P
  • CWP
  • SOCaaS
  • ZTNA
  • WAF

Whether it's about the cloud, cybersecurity or anything else related to the cloud and our services, we're here to help. How about talking to one of our specialists ?

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