Faced with the impact of AI on digital transformation and its application in different sectors of the economy, it makes us raise the alert regarding care in relation to information security. In view of this, it is necessary to consider that the protection of data use and the privacy of applications must be a priority with the use of Artificial Intelligence in application development.

Proof of the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the market and the concern with security is based, for example, on the expectation that AI will triple in the coming years, with business opportunities approaching US$ 3 trillion. The biggest impact of technology will be in areas such as finance, HR, sales, marketing and customer service.

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The integration between cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence

The architecture developed to support the use of Artificial Intelligence presents a potential that allows solutions that make use of this technology to run on any type of connected device. This perspective leads us to a great possibility of commercial applications and the even greater need for data processing.

And the integration with Cloud Computing in the architecture of AI solutions occurs precisely to provide a computational infrastructure compatible with the need for data processing power and a high level of security, which can guarantee integrity and high availability.

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Solutions, such as Machine Learning and robotics, demonstrate how much AI and cloud integration allows the development of intelligent solutions, which through applications and tools, have the ability to boost the most different sectors of the economy, benefiting small and large companies.

The security needed to ensure AI development

Considered a priority, the security of information provided, like Amazon, allows companies that use cloud infrastructure to scale and innovate, with the use of Artificial Intelligence, while maintaining a safe and robust environment.

Delivered as a security platform, the Amazon cloud provides enterprises and researchers with a supported infrastructure and professional services that deliver benefits such as:

  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Data encryption support
  • Identity and access control
  • Monitoring and login
  • Penetration testing support

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AWS provides a variety of security features and services to enhance privacy, control network access, and the framework for hosting Artificial Intelligence solutions that can benefit research and development of new products and services.

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