The economy transforms as time goes by and through the emergence of new concepts and paradigm shifts in the market linked to products and services. With the beginning of the digital age, what we call traditional has become completely obsolete, and cloud computing is inserted in this context of technological innovation that has strongly influenced this new emerging economy.

One of the big differences between the digital transformation that is taking place, the economy and the traditional industry that we live in today is the speed with which new products and services have emerged and the change in consumer behavior. An example of this evolution is the entertainment industry (music and movies), services (transport and payment methods) and retail (e-commerce, mobile and social networks).

Innovation as a kick-off for the new digital economy

We are increasingly connected and this has led us to a radical change in our consumption habits and behavior. Technology accompanied this evolution and converged to a digital innovation that needs to be followed by industry, commerce and services. This stopped being a strategic decision and became a choice between life and death for companies, regardless of their size.

Cloud computing emerged as a facilitating instrument for companies and new businesses to enter the digital age once and for all, whether in its evolution or from its conception. Cloud Computing has revolutionary features that can potentially improve processes, the development of new products and services and increasingly improve the customer experience. With the cloud you can:

  • Promote and develop the digital core of companies
  • Enables a seamless transition to innovation and digital business
  • An adequate investment cost for the technology infrastructure to support innovation projects and the company's current needs

Reasons to innovate with the use of the cloud

Currently innovation is the most important area that companies need to deal with. This is not only because of the immense competition that exists between companies, but also because of the future that will be essentially digital . Some points that define the importance of innovation in companies are the following:

If you don't innovate, you'll soon be out of business.

This makes perfect sense from the multiple successful projects that have emerged over the years, in large part due to the move towards companies using technology as early as possible.

Startups are teaching old companies to innovate

Startups over the years have been responsible for some of the most amazing innovations on the market. On the other hand, older companies find it difficult to innovate and improve their business models and systems to accommodate new growth.

Companies that are in the market longer need to learn the advantages of transforming their technology infrastructures with the use of cloud computing, if they want to succeed in the times of the digital age.

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