You know that annoying feeling when you realize that you lost important files like photos, documents, study material from your computer and that everything could have been avoided if there was a backup? Yeah, for companies this discomfort can become a major financial loss and periods of unavailability. That's why we need to talk about online backup.

Cloud Backup or online backup is a strategy that consists of taking a copy of your company's data to the cloud. This method has already been used by domestic users in their daily lives, now it is the turn of companies to take advantage of this potential using Amazon services.

Online backup helps your company reinforce data protection strategy

Every company must implement a data backup and recovery policy, this includes the applications and database that are part of the operations, e-mail messages, electronic documents and other types of files considered sensitive in case of loss. A well-designed backup process ensures that companies can return to their normal activities in a short time.

The online backup process consists of a routine that collects, compresses, encrypts and transfers to cloud servers every 24 hours. This time can be customized, but specialists point out as the minimum interval necessary between one backup and another, without compromising the sending of data and having a moderate use of the Internet during this process.

The traditional backup performed by companies occurs with the use of tapes, however, there are physical limits on the large amount of data that needs to be stored or retrieved. Meanwhile, flexibility is another benefit of moving to online backup, no additional hardware is required and IT staff interference is minimal.

The operational cost of cloud data backup

Cloud backup is gaining a lot of popularity, especially for small and medium-sized companies, who need to save their data, but don't have enough budget to do it locally and correctly. Following one of the most important characteristics of the cloud, the cost of adoption is very low when compared to creating the entire infrastructure locally.

As we are talking about a service linked to cloud computing, and therefore, we have, in general, the billing model through subscription or according to data storage and data traffic. Online backup includes the software, hardware, and security policies needed to protect an organization's data.

In terms of return on investment (ROI), considering in addition to the low initial investment, the long-term costs make cloud backup a great option for companies.

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