With an increasingly technological world, with daily updates of tools, systems, etc., it is necessary that we are always connected. It is for this reason that Cloud Computing is a technology that has become increasingly common, usual and necessary. It is essential that you understand what cloud computing is, what it is for, how it works and how it can help you in your daily life.


What is a Cloud Computing Professional?

We can define it as a Cloud professional, a support analyst who will work for large corporations or even a freelance programmer, who directly or indirectly work with cloud technology.

He may be a technician who has the training to work with various equipment and servers. Acting directly in the maintenance of this equipment or in the development of solutions.

What are the duties of these professionals?

Basically we have two types of professionals who work directly with Cloud solutions : the Support analyst who is responsible for maintaining the servers. Typically, he is a technical expert on servers and already has a practice in the field.

We also have the systems analyst, who develops and maintains all the software that is hosted on the Cloud Computing server. In this case, a programming language is used (Language C is recommended) so that in this way developing and making improvements in systems and software.

Cloud Computing Structure Details

The base structure of Cloud Computing is practically the same as a common server. Generally, this type of professional works with both preventive and corrective maintenance procedures for a server using practically the same technical and operational knowledge. The difference is that some operating environments for this technology are based on update technology, which allows the technical support analyst to update the system without harming the company's activity or the business .

An important detail is that generally this type of server is practically a zero machine, that is, the technician needs to do all the necessary installation procedures inside the server. From installing the operating system (Linux is recommended) to system maintenance procedures, such as updates.

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