Opening a virtual store requires entrepreneurs to modernize their management. Thus, dépossible creates ways to facilitate business administration . When it comes to an e-commerce, it is no different. To keep a company in the digital environment, it is essential to use tools , such as ERP for e-commerce.

In general, ERP is software that helps manage and integrate the different processes of a business. It facilitates the management of an online sales store. In addition, ERP adds different platforms for storing, processing and issuing data, with tools for calculating and organizing information.

According to information released by E-commerce Brasil, in 2021 alone, e-commerce grew by about 21% compared to the previous year , and still earned more than R$ 161 billion.

These data indicate that the online sales proposal tends to grow exponentially. This is because consumers are increasingly engaged and adept at transactions through digital platforms .

However, as the number of online stores grows, many of them do not survive for various reasons. We can consider the lack of experience, technical knowledge, market research and, mainly, the lack of adequate technology to meet current internal demands.

For this reason, making use of an ERP for e-commerce is very important in this online sales scenario. In this article, we will understand the concept of ERP, its main advantages and, finally, how to choose the best software to optimize the management of your e-commerce.

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What is the function of an ERP for e-commerce?

The acronym ERP is the English abbreviation for the term Enterprise Resource Planning . In free translation, it means: Resource Planning of a Company . In other words, they are management systems that companies use to manage their different areas .

The ERP system integrates different sectors and helps to control, monitor and execute functions and processes, such as payment management, sales control, tax taxation, goal and performance analysis, invoices, product registration, information for the marketing sector, between others. 

The predictability of system functions can be programmed into the software according to the reality of a company's flows and its organizational chart . Thus, different sectors, such as logistics, marketing, sales, human resources and finance, for example, can be operated in a single online system .

The practicality of using an ERP for e-commerce, as a company management tool, is that it can be programmed and adjusted according to the data and items of constant continuous use of the business, being subject to being modified with each new need for instrumentalization of a process or flow.

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04 advantages of an ERP for e-commerce

We can say that the main difference is in the manual and online process. In the use of ERP, almost all management is automated, so that the system has autonomy to compare data, schedule procedures, perform automatic payments, generate previously programmed .

In addition, we can also mention other advantages common to the use of an ERP. Check out:

1. Integration with other platforms 

The integration of an ERP system can be done between different sales channels , such as the marketplace. If your e-commerce also has different services within the same store, or different sites for each type of product, as is the case with supermarket stores that have a specific site for selling electronic products, the ERP can guarantee online sales control .

2. Inventory with integrated management  

All sales entries and exits of products in online stores can be monitored, in an updated and secure way, with easy identification of items and evaluation of demand performance. Thus, replacement planning and definition of promotional products can be carried out more quickly and in less time, drastically reducing the possibility of financial losses.

In addition, the e-commerce ERP also offers control over all the channels used by the company , such as the physical store (if any) and marketplaces, for example.

3. More optimized and secure services

When making the purchase online through the virtual store, the customer can also make their payment by downloading bank slips with the issuance of invoices quickly and without practice. That's because the notes are generated automatically at the time of purchase . Even the intermediation of issuing store slips with the bank is facilitated.

4. More satisfied customers

With the facilities of an ERP system for integrated e-commerce, the act of purchase becomes faster and less bureaucratic , adding value to the brand and producing a feeling of security for the consumer.

The order with minimal possibility of delay, quick reversal in case of mistaken purchase and electronic documentation sent by email, for example, are some of the services offered by ERP. 

In addition, it is also possible to map expenses , best-selling and consumer behavior , helping to plan more assertive marketing strategies.

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How to choose an ERP for your virtual store?

Having pointed out the various benefits of investing in an ERP management system for your online store, it is important to make some considerations before choosing which software meets the demands of your business. 

First of all, it is necessary to understand your company , as well as the sales scenario of your business in the chosen field and evaluate how much budget is available for hiring an ERP system. In addition, the solutions that will be defined for choosing the software will also depend on the needs and functionalities of your virtual store.

Also carry out market research in order to assess which options are available, paying attention to those that best meet the e-commerce management profile. Also consider the following features: platform integration, free trial, usability, plan values ​​based on sales increase, service support and consulting .

And finally, evaluate the best value for money , after comparing prices and features that meet the demands of your business. As there are different models of software s, the ideal is the best fit for your service and sales integration planning.


In summary, we saw different advantages and benefits when investing in management based on an ERP system for e-commerce. Therefore, knowing how to choose the software that will optimize the production and management flow of your online business is very important.

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