All companies that work with the sale and implementation of ERP software, especially the Market Leader ERP, experience a great difficulty in their skin: giving all the attention to the IT part and less to the business itself. But in practice, how to change this scenario and sell more this ERP?

The big tip you need to know is this: spend the most time with what matters. That is, it is essential that you manage to have the necessary time to acquire new customers and manage those you already have instead of complying with actions that can be automated. And the best way to do this is to implement technologies that allow you to easily manage each client. And for that, nothing better than using the benefits of cloud computing .

The best example to sell more Market Leader ERP is using Easy.Tot , a solution developed by Sky.One to facilitate the process of migrating the solution to the cloud environment.

Check now what are all the differentials of this tool for each of your customers and how you can earn more on your sales using this technology, keeping the whole system working in the cloud.

Advantages of Easy.Tot to sell more the Market Leader ERP

By knowing the series of benefits that Easy.Tot provides, it will be much easier to understand how cloud technology can help organizations to make the management of the Market Leader ERP much simpler. Check out:

1. Speed ​​for implementation

One of the most outstanding benefits of Easy.Tot is the possibility of streamlining the process of providing a complete environment to customers. It is possible that in less than 24 hours your entire application is already in the cloud.

With the agile migration of all the necessary data and resources, there is no comparison between this implementation model and the previous one, done with the data center itself, which even required a backup to take a break in operations.

2. Reduction in infrastructure spending

Once you're in the cloud, easy access to your company's data will save you a lot of time and money when creating projects. And for those worried that they're going to pay for features they don't need right now, don't worry.

Combining management experience of hundreds of thousands of ERP instances over the last 5 years and real processing and storage consumption data from the Market Leader ERP, the sizing used by Sky.One is the most optimized on the market.

If your storage needs grow, the solution accompanies you, always delivering the best cost-benefit combination. Together, these factors result in lower costs and higher returns. The economy itself already presents itself as a great differential when compared with other possibilities of using the ERP system.

3. Ease of support and tool updates

The use of Easy.Tot with Market Leader ERP benefits the system administration. With everything integrated in the cloud, it is much simpler to solve possible problems that may arise in the future. data center models , access is much more difficult, depending on calls to the support area, which directly impact the results of each customer.

This also represents the end of the bureaucracy to carry out any type of update, since the simple way of using Easy.Tot helps to facilitate this process.

4. Security for the entire management chain

One of the major concerns of any current company is the security of its data and information. In practice, they have become the most important asset for any business.

But for the cloud technology side, the cloud provider's full-time job is to carefully monitor the security part. It turns out to be more efficient than a conventional in-house system, where an organization must divide its efforts across multiple IT concerns, security being just one of them.

And while most companies don't like to openly consider the possibility of data theft, both internally and externally, the truth is that an incredibly high percentage of data thefts occur from those who don't have the utmost attention to all security requirements. needed.

It is always much safer to keep confidential information off the company premises and under the control of security certifications that guarantee all data confidentiality.

How to use all the advantages of the Market Leader ERP sales?

Few cloud-based storage solutions on the market offer built-in data analytics, so every business has a bird's-eye view of its information. But Easy.Tot has this differential.

We start with a point that is fundamental for anyone who provides services in the Market Leader ERP: you don't need to open a ticket for someone to make a change for you in one of your clients. With controlled access, you increase the productivity of your consultants and the satisfaction of your customers.

You also never have to worry about whether your customers have their backups up to date – everything is automated, and recovery can be done directly by you in less than an hour.

With your information stored in the cloud, you can use reports and dashboards to analyze information and make business decisions. From these insights, you can increase efficiency and create action plans to meet the goals set for each customer.

The great benefit of all this is having the possibility to focus most of your time on what matters, which in practice is increasing your sales volume, gaining more customers.

It is a change that makes companies take their attention and fear away from the IT area and start focusing on the business itself, since it has the guarantee and confidence that there is a whole security work behind the operation in ERP Líder de Marketplace.

Did you understand all these points that will help you sell more Market Leader ERP? Now, if you want to know all the details of how Easy.Tot can automate day-to-day processes using ERP in the cloud, check out all the benefits that this solution can bring to companies by accessing the tool's full link.



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