In the Brazilian market, the best ERP system, used by most companies in the most varied sectors, is the Leader of the Market ERP system. But just like any other application used, there are market-leading ERP challenges that every organization faces.

These challenges often end up harming system users, who rely on the tool's range of possibilities and functions without realizing that all of this can be even more optimized with easier access.

How to do this in practice?

Start by migrating the Market Leading ERP system to the cloud. The option to leave the traditional data center cloud computing for ERP operations brings a series of benefits to any business.

But for this operation to work well, you need to use a tool that can perform this transition quickly and safely. That's why you need to know Easy.Tot, a solution that is the key to automating processes and improving performance in the use of ERP for the entire company.

To help you understand how this solution is the best option for you, we have prepared a list of the 4 main challenges of the Market Leader ERP that Easy.ToT can solve. Check out what they are and see if you were able to identify any of them in your company.

4 market-leading ERP challenges

You are now going to check out the details of each of the market leader ERP challenges that companies face every day, to also find out how Easy.Tot can operate to help solve each one of them.

You will certainly identify with one of these dilemmas, which, when optimized and resolved with the Easy.Tot solution, will bring a series of new advantages and benefits to your organization.

1. Constant updates

One of the advantages of the Market Leader ERP is that they have a series of routine updates, which support the system and keep it in full operation.

The problem is that each company needs to have an IT team focused on working with these updates. Because of this, this action ceases to become a priority when using the ERP. But the problems generated because of this represent a big headache for each of the businesses.

How can Easy.Tot help?

The best solution is to use Easy.Tot to carry out the migration. Applying a new RPO, with the available updates, can be done directly through the panel. It is not necessary to open a support ticket, and the control over the execution of activities is complete.

Once it works in the development and testing environment, with a few clicks you migrate to the production environment. Fast and secure.

2. Data center

For those who use their ERP system on an internal server or data center , they need to know that maintenance is one of the essential items for the proper functioning of their operation. But the high cost of maintaining this routine of services represents a great challenge for the Market Leader ERP to deal with in isolation.

How can Easy.Tot help?

When performing this migration, your data center is transferred to an external environment, completely under the responsibility of your service provider, which will constantly carry out maintenance work, without generating any additional contracting costs on account of this. This reduction in expenses already represents a great differential, being able to invest this amount in what will really make the difference for the success of the business.

3. Security

The maintenance issue is just one of the points that support the security part in the use of an ERP system. But beyond that, it is necessary to think about all other preventive actions, since nowadays a company's data and information are its most valuable asset.

Attacks to breach security and capture this data can happen, as well as internal infrastructure problems. It is for these reasons that security is one of the main challenges of the Market Leader ERP.

How can Easy.Tot help?

At this point, migrating the ERP to the cloud with Easy.Tot is the best way , since the system automatically has an extra layer of security in external data centers.

All the necessary requirements and certifications are used so that network security is guaranteed in every way, leaving organizations free to focus on the IT area and think only about operations.

4. Mobility

Stop to think: with your data center , what is the way to gain access to your ERP system? That's right, just connecting your computers and devices to the company's internal network.

This generates some limitations in the operation. In cases of having employees in distant locations but still needing to access system information, access is not allowed.

And these days, mobility is essential in every way. Gone are the days when it was necessary to access a larger machine to perform simple operations.

How can Easy.Tot help?

By migrating the ERP to the cloud using Easy.Tot, this problem is eliminated, as access to data in the cloud can be performed from anywhere that has internet access.

This facilitates external work for people who need to have this relationship with real-time information. And the ease goes further, with the possibility of using all the system's functionalities with smartphones .

Now that you already know all the ways that Easy.Tot can support your company that has a series of challenges of the Market Leader ERP, it is important to know what other advantages this tool can provide for your organization. Access the complete page of the solution to know all the details.


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