Entrepreneurship means taking advantage of opportunities to solve problems through the investment of time, work and financial capital. And in entrepreneurship in the IT market, this maxim is no different: a great and continuous effort needs to be made so that objectives are achieved .

Within the Tech world, the solutions created for solving problems are based on technologies that are constantly being updated, which requires that entrepreneurs in the field have a proactive profile , who is always in search of new knowledge.

In this article, we'll tell you how the founders of Sky.One managed to walk this path.

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Entrepreneurship in the IT market

Those who want to undertake need to be able to idealize, coordinate and carry out a certain project – be it a product or a service.

Entrepreneurship in the IT market uses technology to solve, optimize and facilitate the lives of individuals and companies. In addition, several technological solutions are related to other areas such as services, education, retail, industry, legal, financial market and others.  

The first steps taken by the founders of Sky.One

A close look at everyday life makes all the difference when it comes to entrepreneurship, after all, to solve a problem it is necessary to identify it .

Two of Sky.One 's partners, the brothers, Ricardo Brandão, who is the CEO, and Rennan Sanchez, the company's CTO, learned to do this at a very young age. 

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, they inherited their father's dream of setting up their own company . At the age of 12, Ricardo was given a computer and started programming software for the family business. Three years later, he managed to sell a management ERP to shopkeepers approached in a mall.

According to him, in an interview with Sky.Cast, “the pushes inside the house” helped shape the yearning to undertake in his mind .

That is why, currently, one of Sky.One 's roles is to encourage its employees to undertake within the company's ecosystem. 

How was Sky.One born? 

Sky.One Connect 2022

After graduating and working for a long period in technology projects, the two brothers decided to invite two more friends to set up their own venture: Rodrigo Burjato, current CFO, and Caio Klein, CPO of the company. 

Together they developed a startup initially focused on cloud technology. Today, Sky.One is a multi-product company , offering technological platforms that add value to the business with technology , instead of having it as a barrier.

But before Sky.One became what it is, the co-founders went through a period of searching for the solution that would work. For them, all the mistakes along the way and the “no” heard from potential investors served as a lesson for their dream of becoming a business to succeed .

Within that, there is a great tip for those who want to pursue entrepreneurship in the IT market: have a base, be it family support, financial planning and even knowledge about the business you are building.

According to Rennan Sanchez, there are two ways to undertake: by opportunity and by necessity .

Having good planning prevents your business from being set up the second way, and this directly impacts the end result of the venture. 

In the IT area, being a person who knows how to program and understands new technologies helps when it comes to undertaking. But nothing prevents someone with a good idea from taking this path.  

Sky.One 's co-founders tip is: be a dreamer and add genius people to your business.

Today, the dream that started in 2014 with four friends working in a small coworking space in São Paulo is a company that has more than 300 direct employees and grows every year, both in its catalog of products and solutions, and in capital investors, number of customers and physical space. 

Connect 2022 : an event for people passionate about digital transformation

Sky.One Sky.One business transformation, in other words: we develop platforms to accelerate and increase the processes of several companies .

That is why it is promoting, for the third consecutive year Sky.One Connect event , focused on content for people passionate about digital transformation.

In the 2022 edition, topics such as the democratization of technology, cybersecurity, culture and people, transformative experiences, among many other topics that will be addressed by guest speakers, among them Walter Longo, a great name in Brazilian digital entrepreneurship.

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Furthermore, this year one of the major focuses of Connect will be the metaverse !

During the discussions, information technology specialists will address how this new reality will impact business , the technologies that all entrepreneurs need to know and will give tips on the subject.

The event is free and will have segments aimed at retailers, general business software manufacturers . Want to know more about entrepreneurship in the IT market? So, don't miss Connect 2022 ! Register now on the official website of the event.

Sky.One Connect 2022 

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